Bloodhounds Season 2: Will there be another season?

Bloodhounds Season 2 Renewal Status: Everything we know so far
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Will the newly released South Korean streaming television series get an early renewal? Continue reading to find out more about Bloodhounds Season 2. 

The amazing response that the series has been able to get over the past few days has simply been amazing, as it has been able to enter the top 10 streaming charts around various regions, which leaves no doubt in our minds that renewal demand for another season will rise more than ever, especially after the premiere of all the episodes of the first season, which might have ended on a potential cliffhanger! 

The show’s story has piqued the interest of viewers who love such K-Drama series that offer something new to the table! Hence, it makes sense why the fans are eagerly awaiting news about the future and asking questions like, “Will there be a second season, or is the story of Bloodhounds over?” So, if you are wondering the same, then you have reached the right place! We at Web News Observer have compiled all the details right here for you. 

While the fans wait in anticipation, let’s take a deeper look at what is known about the likelihood of the series getting a second season on Netflix. 

Bloodhounds Season 2 Renewal Status: Everything we know so far

Bloodhounds Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Right now, there has been no official announcement from Netflix regarding the renewal of the show, as the first season premiered early this month on June 9, 2023, which makes it impossible for the platform to assess the show’s overall reception before confirm its approval for additional seasons, especially when the chances of ending the series with the first season are not completely off the table. 

Hence, if the show is able to perform remarkably well by maintaining the overall reception on Netflix’s K-drama catalog with increased viewership, then there is a high possibility that the network might decide to change course and renew the show for a second season. If it happens to chart then the renewal might be announced a month or two later. Until then the status is neither here nor there. 

Moreover, the decision to renew will likely come down to whether or not the fans and the creators see enough interest from viewers to justify another season.

Bloodhounds Season 2 Renewal Status: Everything we know so far

Bloodhounds Season 2: If renewed, when will it be released?

If the series is greenlit, then there is a high chance that the second season might begin production sometime later this year, and it might take an eighteen-month wait for it to release in 2025, with the likely release window being around the summer season, just like the first season premiere in June 2023. At the earliest, we expect to see a second season of Bloodhounds on Netflix in the Q2 of 2025.

Hence, if you want to receive information on the potential renewal and release date of Bloodhounds Season 2, then viewers may enable notifications to get all new updates. Until then, fans of the show can continue to enjoy the episodes from the first season and speculate about what more plotlines might be explored in the new season if, by some miracle, it gets an early renewal.

Bloodhounds Season 2 Renewal Status: Everything we know so far

Bloodhounds Season 2: What can we expect?

Though the story neatly concludes with the final episode in which the viewers got to see that despite being galvanized by their duty to their loved ones, Gun-woo and Woo-jin tread forward to take down Myeong-gil — once and for all. The series perfectly depicted a story about two young boxers who set foot in the world of private loans in pursuit of money and get caught up in a huge force, which means there isn’t much need for a second season.

However, there is still a chance that the series might be renewed for another chapter, just like the worldwide phenomenon Squid Game, which is returning for a second season sometime later despite having a perfect ending story that concluded perfectly with the first season.

The creators might decide to follow the same route and build the characters for another season with a compelling story that holds the theme from the prior episodes together without diverting the tale of two devoted friends and the extent they would go to defend people they love, rather than merely a suspenseful clash between good and evil.

Bloodhounds Season 2 Renewal Status: Everything we know so far

The cast members who are speculated to return are:

Woo Do-hwan as Kim Geon-woo, a sincere and considerate boxing prospect, and a former Marine; Lee Sang-yi as Hong Woo-jin, Geon-woo’s partner in action and a former Marine; Park Sung-woong as Kim Myeong-gil, The CEO of Smile Capital, and a notorious illegal loan shark who reigns above the law; and Huh Joon-ho as Choi Tae-ho, formerly a legendary leader of the private loan industry, he currently provides loans with no interest.

The supporting cast includes Kim Sae-ron as Cha Hyun-joo, Ryu Soo-young as Lee Doo-young, Lee Hae-yeong as Hwang Yang-jung, Min Kyung-jin as Oh In-mook, Choi Young-joon as Min Kang-yong, Choi Si-won as Hong Min-beom, Tae Won-seok as Kang In-beom, Cheon Dong-bin as Cheon Dong-woo, Ha Soo-ho as Im Jang-do, Jo Wan-gi as Kim Jun-min, Bae Jae-gi as Yang Jae-myeong, Hong Jun-young as Captain Jung, Yoon Yoo-sun as Yoon So-yeon, and Jung Da-eun as Oh Da-min.

Bloodhounds Season 2 Renewal Status: Everything we know so far

Bloodhounds Season 2: How many episodes will be there?

If the series is renewed, the network may order a second 8-episode season just like the first one. The average runtime of these episodes usually lasts for 59 to 72 minutes. We want to clarify that this episode count isn’t officially set and can be changed if the plot of the next season is much bigger than expected, leading to a supersized season that the fans certainly won’t complain about. Until there is any confirmation, we’ll just have to see what the future holds! 

In the meantime, take a look at the official trailer for the first season, which is available exclusively on Netflix with the basic membership starting at $9.99/month at no additional cost and follows: 

This exhilarating series thrusts a compassionate rookie boxer into the perilous world of loan sharks, where he and a fellow newcomer confront ruthless loan sharks who lurk around every corner, waiting to strike. A departure from the norm, Bloodhounds offers a sense of purpose and camaraderie among the determined youths and good-hearted individuals, while still packing a punch with adrenaline-fueled action and intense, bloody battles.

Bloodhounds | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

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