The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 is coming to Netflix in July

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: When will it arrive on Netflix?
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Mickey Haller, indeed, has a way of charming his fandom. This is why fans don’t hesitate before signing up for yet another journey with a new season of The Lincoln Lawyer. The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 marks the return of Netflix’s adaptation of Michael Connelly’s most popular novel character following a successful first season. And it’s larger than ever before, with the season divided into two halves by the streaming service.

Mickey Haller, a Los Angeles defense attorney who works from his vintage Lincoln Town Car, has been the focus of a total of six novels written by Connelly (with another due out in 2023). Matthew McConaughey portrayed the role in a 2011 version. The Lincoln Lawyer’s first season was a big hit with Netflix members, so there’s a lot of excitement for this new season. The Lincoln Lawyer quickly rose to the Top 10 on Netflix in 90 countries, and its introduction of a mystery tattooed guy in its final episode left viewers wanting more.

This article will cradle everything you need to know about season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer.

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When to expect season 2 of Lincoln Lawyer?

Only a month after its premiere in May 2022, Netflix confirmed that The Lincoln Lawyer would be coming back for season 2. Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer will purportedly be broken into two parts. Following the debut of the first set of episodes on the sixth of July, the remainder of the season will be available on August 3.

What will the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer be about?

If you need a refresher, The Lincoln Lawyer revolves around hotshot LA defense attorney Mickey Haller, who signs up for large and small cases equally from the back of his automobile. He also has difficult connections with his coworkers, especially one former spouse who is a prosecutor and another who works as his secretary.

Connelly, as previously stated, has authored six Lincoln Lawyer novels so far, while The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will be based on book four in the series, which is titled The Fifth Witness.

Mickey has moved to foreclosure defense law to make ends meet in that scenario… until one among his customers is suspected of murder. We do, however, anticipate certain alterations in the Netflix version to modernize the plot, like the original situation in the first season, which centered around the second novel, The Brass Verdict.

After the invalidation of Jesus Menendez’s (Mickey’s client) conviction for the murder in the first season, it is probable that the sub-plot of who actually murdered Martha Renteria will continue in season 2. This storyline originates in the first book of Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer trilogy.

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What do we know about the cast?

It comes as no surprise that actor and fan favorite Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will return to the character of Mickey in season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Neve Campbell (as Maggie McPherson, Mickey’s first former spouse, mom of the pair’s shared daughter Hayley, and a prosecutor who occasionally discovers her character properly at disagreements with her ex) as well as Becki Newton (as Lorna Crane, Mickey’s authorized assistant/office manager and ex-wife number two) co-star with him.

Jazz Raycole will return as Mickey’s client-turned-driver Izzy Letts, whilst Angus Sampson, who serves as Cisco, Mickey’s PI and Lorna’s fiancé, will undoubtedly have a lot of projected turmoil during this season provided the strong clues near the finale of the first season that his past as an associate with the Road Saints biker gang is returning to haunt him.

With a new narrative line comes a new cast of characters. Lana Parrilla from Once Upon a Time and Yaya DaCosta from Chicago Med will make up the main cast for The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, some reports say. Lisa Trammell, an area chef, and restauranteur at war with a rapacious real estate developer, will be played by Parrilla. DaCosta plays a vicious attorney who assures to be a strong legal adversary for Mickey.

According to a few reports, Matt Angel will star as true crime podcaster Henry Dahl. Mickey appears to be skeptical of Henry’s motivations because he’s keen on the case.

Krista Warner (as Mickey’s child, Hayley), as well as Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine (as Detective Raymond Griggs), will both return for season 2. In season 2, Angélica Mara will play Elena, Mickey’s mother.

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The Lincoln Lawyer Streaming Platforms

The second season of The Lincoln Lawyer will be available on NETFLIX.