BTS shares UNSEEN content as a part of 10th Anniversary Celebrations


As BTS marked its 10th debut anniversary, the members spared no effort in expressing their gratitude and love towards their dedicated fanbase, ARMY. Through letters, messages, and behind-the-scenes videos, they showcased their appreciation and shared special moments with fans.

Unveiling Unseen Videos: V’s Instagram Story Spree

In a delightful and playful gesture, member V took to Instagram to treat ARMYs with a series of unseen behind-the-scenes videos. From candid moments of member Jimin enjoying the beach to heartwarming clips of the group spending quality time together, V’s Instagram story became a treasure trove of precious memories. One particularly heartwarming moment captured Coldplay’s Chris Martin giving his autograph to Jin in Korean, touching the hearts of fans worldwide. V promised to continue sharing more videos on the upcoming 20th debut anniversary of BTS, leaving ARMYs eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

J-Hope’s Doodle: Spreading Love from the Military

Despite his absence from the group’s FESTA 2023 celebrations due to military service, J-Hope found a way to express his love and commemorate the milestone. He shared a doodle on Instagram featuring the message “Happy 10th Anniversary” accompanied by a purple heart. J-Hope conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to fans, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. His thoughtful gesture touched the hearts of ARMYs and served as a reminder of his dedication, even from the military base.

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Credit: Instagram

Suga’s Gratitude: A Bow of Thanks on Instagram

On the significant day of BTS’ 10th debut anniversary, Suga took to Instagram to convey his gratitude. He shared a photo capturing a comeback performance moment where the members bowed in reverence to their beloved ARMY. Suga’s caption, “Take Two,” alluded to their latest single, symbolizing a new chapter for BTS. He expressed his deep appreciation for everything and everyone, affirming his love for the ARMYs who have been with them throughout their remarkable journey.

Members’ Reflections: RM, Jimin, and Jin’s Heartfelt Letters

In addition to the surprises shared by V, J-Hope, and Suga, other BTS members also joined in celebrating the momentous occasion. RM, Jimin, and Jin penned heartfelt letters on the Weverse platform, reflecting on the group’s growth and expressing their sincere appreciation for the fans’ unwavering support. Their messages conveyed a sense of gratitude, reminiscing about the journey they have embarked upon together while promising more exciting adventures in the years to come.


BTS’ 10th debut anniversary became a testament to their enduring bond with the ARMYs. Through heartfelt letters, playful Instagram stories, and sincere gestures, the members showcased their appreciation, love, and dedication. As they continue to break barriers and create music that resonates globally, the celebrations served as a reminder of the profound impact BTS has had on the music industry and the hearts of millions of fans around the world.