Did YG Entertainment reject Marvel’s offer for BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK member Jennie has been making headlines with updates on her health and career, captivating fans and sparking curiosity. While her acting debut in HBO’s The Idol garnered attention, recent rumors about her potential involvement in a Marvel Studios project have also piqued interest.

Rumor Mill: Jennie for Marvel Studios’ Kingdom War – New Agents of Atlas?

Reports circulated that Jennie was in talks to join the cast lineup for Marvel Studios’ upcoming project, Kingdom War – New Agents of Atlas. The rumor went on to suggest that she was offered the role of Luna Snow, also known as Seol Hee, in the series. Fans eagerly anticipated Jennie’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and her portrayal of a superhero with ice manipulation abilities.

YG Entertainment Denies the Offer

On June 12, YG Entertainment, Jennie’s agency, firmly denied receiving any offer for her to star in the Marvel project. This unexpected announcement surprised and disappointed fans who were excited about the possibility of seeing Jennie in a Marvel production. The rumor had created anticipation for Jennie’s portrayal of Seol Hee, a character with a significant role in the Pacific Rim and previously voiced by f(x)’s Luna in the video game adaptation, Marvel Super War.

Suspicions Arise: YG Entertainment’s Response

An insider revealed that discussions about Jennie’s potential involvement in the Marvel project began as early as September 2021. However, YG Entertainment remained silent for over a year until April 29, 2023, when they finally responded, citing Jennie’s packed schedule as the reason for her inability to participate. The agency mentioned that due to her busy schedule, she could not commit to more than one project at a time.

Further Rumors: Avengers Film and YG Entertainment’s Response

The same source claimed that Jennie was approached not only for the Agents of Atlas series but also for an upcoming Avengers film. YG Entertainment has yet to address these additional rumors concerning their artist’s potential involvement in the Marvel franchise.


Jennie’s eventful week has seen a mix of health updates, career rumors, and subsequent denials. While fans eagerly anticipated her appearance in Marvel Studios’ Kingdom War – New Agents of Atlas, YG Entertainment’s denial of the offer has left many disappointed. As the rumors continue to swirl, fans eagerly await further updates on Jennie’s future projects and her potential involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.