BTS’ Suga’s Suchwita creates a new record on YouTube; Know More

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In the latest episode of BTS’ Suchwita series, SUGA takes the spotlight as he interviews fellow member Jin. This highly anticipated episode generated excitement among fans since the release of the teaser. The episode features engaging discussions and heartfelt moments between the two artists, offering a glimpse into their thoughts and experiences.

[슈취타] EP.12 SUGA with 진 #2023BTSFESTA

Episode Highlights: Enlistment, Roommate Stories, and Solo Endeavors

During the interview, SUGA and Jin touch upon various topics, including Jin’s upcoming military enlistment, which took place four days after the episode was shot. They reflect on their time as roommates in the early days of their career and express their desire to remain unchanged after their respective enlistment periods.

The episode also features a surprise appearance by J-Hope, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans. The trio delves into their solo endeavors, such as Jin’s performance at Coldplay’s concert in Argentina, Jungkook’s FIFA performance, and J-Hope’s collaboration with J.Cole for a street song. They reminisce about the incredible journey they have taken as individuals and as members of BTS, highlighting their growth and achievements.

The Popularity and Viewer Stats of Suchwita Episode 12

The episode quickly gained popularity and captured the attention of fans worldwide. Within the first 24 hours of its release, it ranked as the sixth most-watched video, reaching the top spot in Japan and ranking eighth globally. This immense popularity can be attributed to the captivating interaction between Jin, SUGA, and J-Hope, as fans eagerly anticipated their on-screen chemistry and camaraderie. Currently, the video has already accumulated over 5.2 million views, further solidifying its success.

BTS’ Active Second Act: Individual Activities and Group Albums

BTS has entered an active second act in their career, with each member actively engaging in individual activities alongside their group endeavors. They showcase their unique charms and talents through various entertainment projects, including the release of albums that highlight their distinct musical styles. These releases have swiftly climbed to the top of music charts, demonstrating the group’s continued influence and popularity.

Celebrating BTS’ 10th Anniversary and Appreciation for ARMY

As BTS celebrates their momentous 10th anniversary, they express their gratitude for the incredible moments they have shared with their dedicated fanbase, ARMY. The song “Take Two” serves as an expression of appreciation for the love and support they have received throughout their journey. The group, together with ARMY, stands at the starting line of a new chapter, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to continue creating music and unforgettable experiences together.

By celebrating their anniversary and sharing these meaningful conversations with fans, BTS continues to strengthen their bond with ARMY and offer them a chance to rejoice in their remarkable achievements.