Fake Profile Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Fake Profile 3
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As more Netflix series from the US have grown to be major blockbusters, many international movies are also becoming huge hits in the United States and throughout the world, like the one we’ll talk about in brief.

Fake Profile, a Colombian telenovela, was a Netflix sleeper smash throughout its first season, but is there going to be a second season 2 of the hot thriller? Fake Profile follows a young lady called Camila who finds the guy of her fantasies on an online dating site but soon discovers the terrible reality about her new boyfriend. Fake Profile, which was released on May 31, 2023, is a traditional telenovela with a generous dose of extravagant swerves and romance, with more turns than even some of the most intricate TV dramas. Despite the fact that it was first published on Netflix with minimal fanfare, the series found an audience.

The Netflix original had no promotion, but it nevertheless hit the streaming platform’s top ten list at the beginning of June 2023, and that surge of popularity has allowed the series to keep going. Unlike the typical telenovela structure, which has a large number of episodes released every season, Fake Profile adopted the Netflix template and condensed all of its narratives into ten streamlined episodes. As a result, Fake Profile joins a long list of exceptional non-English-language Netflix originals that have made their way to the platform and earned an international audience as a result of their exposure.

All that fans need to learn about the upcoming season of Fake Profile on Netflix is available here.

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When will Fake Profile Season 2 release?

Netflix has confirmed that the Colombian catfishing thriller Fake Profile is coming back for another season. We don’t have any official date for it, though.

The streamer broke the news in a tweet with photographs from the concert on Wednesday (June 14th). With Fake Profile season one climbing the rankings of the most-watched Netflix series, it’s apparent that the series and its protagonists have captured the attention of many viewers. It’s only fair for shows that get such popular adulation to come back with a new season.

Fake Profile
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Fake Profile Season 1 Recap: Where we’ve left off

Camila Ramón, a cabaret performer at Las Vegas’ Golden Lips Club, is the protagonist of Fake Profile. On a dating app, she meets a gorgeous guy named Fernando Castell, who claims to be a cosmetic surgeon.
Before they ever meet, the two hit it off, and once they do, the sexual chemistry is off peaking and over the roof. Just over four months following their relationship, they had happy moments, and Fernando embraces the idea that Camila is a dancer, something she ultimately reveals to him.

However, just before he is supposed to meet Camila’s best friends, he leaves, only to phone later to inform her that he is out due to her sister’s hospitalization. Things don’t match up, and Camila is determined to discover the truth, which leads her to Cartagena, Colombia.
She discovers that Fernando created a bogus profile, that his true identity is Miguel Estévez, and that he has a spouse and a couple of kids. Determined to find the truth, she remains and hires the chauffeur who drove her from the airport to Miguel’s house to pose as her husband.

She moves in next door to Miguel and continues to eavesdrop on his family and background. Meanwhile, she makes a mistake and hooks up with him yet again, something his son witnesses through the surveillance cameras he puts inside her home. Miguel’s wife Angela finds out about it, and Lucas is hospitalized as an outcome of self-harm.

Fake Profile 2
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Miguel’s family life and marriage are in shambles, and Camila’s life is now in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Angela’s father, Pedro Ferrer, continues to carry out his huge plan in the shadows, including his daughter’s marriage and his son Adran’s private life with fiancé Cristóbal.
The plot is ultimately disclosed, but Angela struggles to accept her father’s reality. At the precise same time, her tolerance for Camila and Miguel wears out, resulting in Camila and Miguel both suffering near-death experiences. They return, nevertheless, to tell Pedro’s truth and bring justice, but Angela opens fire, injuring Camila and killing Pedro.

Meanwhile, Adran learns the awful truth about Cristóbal when their connection is severed as a result of Pedro’s plans. This marked the end of season one.

Where to watch Fake Profile?

The series will be accessible exclusively on Netflix as it is a Netflix Original. Netflix Originals content is used to attract people to choose its streaming service over others.