Are the BLACKPINK members taking a break after their Australian Leg of tour?

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After their Sydney concert on June 17, 2023, BLACKPINK will finally be taking a much-needed break. YG Entertainment has confirmed that the group will have a month-long hiatus before continuing with their BORN PINK tour. This break is essential for the members to rest and prioritize their health while delivering their best performances.

Highlights of the BORN PINK Tour

The BORN PINK Tour commenced on October 15, 2022, in Seoul, South Korea. Since then, BLACKPINK has been touring extensively, captivating their fans with amazing performances. The group also performed 18 tracks at Coachella 2023 for two consecutive weekends and engaged in brand promotions. They successfully covered the U.S. and Europe legs of the tour and are currently holding shows in Australia. The temporary break will begin after their final show in Sydney.

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BLACKPINK’s Solo Projects

During the tour, BLACKPINK members have been actively pursuing solo projects. Jisoo made her solo debut with the mini album “ME,” and her debut song “FLOWER” became a viral sensation, with K-pop fans and artists participating in the FLOWER challenge. Each member has also been involved in collaborations with renowned luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, Celine, and Tiffany & Co. Notably, Jennie had a significant fashion collection launched in Seoul by Calvin Klein, showcasing her unique casual wardrobe. Lisa was seen attending a dinner gala in Cannes alongside BTS’ V and actor Park Bogum.

Jennie’s Health

During the Melbourne stage of the BORN PINK tour, Jennie, unfortunately, had to leave mid-performance due to feeling unwell. YG Entertainment released a statement explaining the situation and expressed apologies to the fans in attendance. Jennie personally apologized to the fans who attended the Melbourne show. Concerned Blinks have been urging her to prioritize her health and not worry about anything else. They recognize that her well-being is the most important thing and fully support her in taking the necessary break. BLACKPINK has been putting in immense effort and delivering their best for the concerts and shows, making it crucial for them to recharge and return stronger for the upcoming performances.