BLACKPINK’s Jennie apologizes for leaving her concert mid-way; DEETS Inside

Credit: Instagram

During BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK Melbourne concert on June 11, fans were taken aback when member Jennie unexpectedly left the stage midway through the performance. The sudden departure left Blinks, the group’s devoted fans, worried and wondering about the reason behind her exit. Later, it was YG Entertainment, Jennie’s management agency, that provided an update on her health, confirming that she is currently in the process of recovering. Now, Jennie herself has taken to Instagram to issue a public apology for leaving the stage prematurely.

Jennie’s Apology and Gratitude to Fans

In a short note shared on her Instagram story, Jennie explained that she is currently focused on her recovery. She expressed regret for not being able to complete the Melbourne show while expressing gratitude to her well-wishers for their support and understanding regarding her health issues. Jennie’s personal note addressed to Melbourne Blinks read, “Dear Melbourne Blinks, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to finish the show on Sunday. I’m doing my best to recover at the moment. Your understanding and support means the world to me. Thank you to everyone who came out to our Melbourne show. Love you guys.”

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Credit: Instagram

Preceding the concert, Jennie was also absent from the soundcheck session, as confirmed by Soompi. Reportedly, fellow member Rose shed light on Jennie’s illness, stating that she was resting to preserve her strength for the main concert. Jennie seemingly believed she could endure the entire performance, but her health deteriorated further, leading her to leave the stage prematurely.

YG Entertainment’s Official Statement

In an official statement, YG Entertainment expressed their apologies and asked Blinks for their understanding of the delicate situation. The agency stated that Jennie had initially expressed her strong determination to complete the performance. However, after receiving medical advice on-site, the necessary measures were taken to ensure Jennie’s well-being, including providing her with ample rest and stability.

Speculation and Jennie’s Acting Debut

Coinciding with these events, rumors have been circulating about Jennie potentially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, YG Entertainment has dismissed these speculations regarding her involvement with Team Agents of Atlas. It’s worth noting that Jennie recently made her acting debut in the international web series “The Idol,” alongside Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) and Lily-Rose Depp.

In conclusion, Jennie’s unexpected departure from the stage during the BORN PINK concert left fans concerned, but her subsequent public apology and YG Entertainment’s assurance of her recovery have provided some reassurance. Blinks continue to support Jennie’s health and well-being, eagerly awaiting her return to the stage.