BTS’ Jungkook’s solo debut album to have THESE song genres

Stay Alive

BTS member Jungkook has been generating excitement as he prepares for his much-anticipated solo debut. While he has been making overseas trips, possibly for recording, collaborations, or shooting related to his upcoming release, fans, especially the BTS ARMY, eagerly await more details about his new music. Adding to the anticipation, well-known Korean music critic Kim Young Dae recently shared his experience of pre-listening to a few songs from Jungkook’s upcoming album.

Insights into Jungkook’s Solo Album

In video clips featuring music critic Kim Young Dae, who has previously praised BTS and specifically highlighted Jungkook’s skills, he revealed that he had the opportunity to listen to some tracks from the upcoming release. Although he did not disclose whether the pre-listen was exclusive to him or if he had a glimpse of the lead track for Jungkook’s solo, Kim Young Dae shared his quick review. He described Jungkook’s vocal tone as one of the “trendiest” among the BTS members, comparing it to the sounds heard in Top 40 hits in the US.

Kim Young Dae commented that Jungkook’s singing style is often followed by pop stars worldwide, stating that the songs have a pop essence with elements of R&B. He further mentioned that Jungkook’s songs resemble those of popular American pop stars. The music critic expressed his expectation of a positive response to the release, particularly on the Billboard charts. Fans also noticed that Jungkook’s solo profile on Melon, a Korean online music store, and streaming platform, listed genres such as POP, Ballad, and R&B/Soul, heightening curiosity about the musical direction Jungkook will take.

BTS Members’ Solo Careers

Following J-Hope’s solo debut, Jin, RM, Jimin, and SUGA have all embarked on their individual journeys by releasing their own albums. As the first two members have already begun their mandatory military duty by serving as active soldiers, it is expected that the remaining members will enlist soon. However, fans are particularly excited about the solo debuts of the two youngest members, V and Jungkook, raising expectations for their upcoming releases.