Is All American: Homecoming Season 3 happening?

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It’s impossible to resist any kind of sports drama. All American has been one of Netflix’s most popular acquired shows to stream, so it’s only natural that the show’s spinoff, All American: Homecoming, ought to have a home on the platform as well. Will there be a third season of All American: Homecoming now that season 2 has concluded on The CW?

The sports drama series debuted on The CW in February of 2022 and was renewed for a second season in May of that year. All American: Homecoming survived the network’s massive termination sweep, which witnessed the sudden end of a record-breaking amount of series.

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When is All American: Homecoming season three releasing?

Absolutely. After weeks of holding the series and its fans in suspense, The CW finally reaffirmed All American: Homecoming season three on June 12. Nobody has to be concerned anymore! Season 3 of All American: Homecoming is now airing on The CW, and it is one of four holdover shows renewed by the network, alongside All American, Walker, and Superman & Lois.

A third season of All American: Homecoming has yet to be announced for The CW. While its sibling series has a preliminary start date of autumn 2023 (again, the current writers’ strike may further postpone projected fall releases), Homecoming is expected to be pushed back to midseason in 2024.

Because renewed series haven’t been allowed to begin production because new episodes aren’t permitted before the strike comes to an end, our favorite shows will come to a halt in June 2023. When All American: Homecoming’s third season does begin production, we won’t see it until 2024, which means the following 13 episodes won’t be available on Netflix until well beyond 2024 as well. The CW’s series normally launch on Netflix around a week after their aired season finales, but we’ll know more about that once All American: Homecoming season three premieres.

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How many episodes will the third season of All American: Homecoming have?

As reported by Deadline, the next season would include 13 episodes, the same as the first season but two fewer than season 2. Given the network’s budget limitations and the ongoing writers’ strike, the episode count should not be a reason for alarm. According to Deadline, the renewal will come with reduced funding, which might involve cast downsizing from regulars in the series to supporting cast.

What can we expect from All American: Homecoming season 3’s plot?

So yet, no specific narrative aspects for Season 3 have been revealed. Fans will undoubtedly be sticking to the love triangle involving Damon (Peyton Alex Smith), Simone, and Lando (Martin Bobb-Semple). Despite the fact that Damon and Simone have maintained a playful connection from the very start of the series, Lando and Simone’s burgeoning romance has undoubtedly earned a fair amount of support, with fans hoping she picks him.

She last appeared to be committing to someone when season 2 ended, but that individual hadn’t been seen. So it appears that her significant decision will be disclosed in the upcoming episodes.

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Who will be cast for All American: Homecoming season 3?

Fans can anticipate some “cast reductions” owing to budget limitations in the coming weeks. While it is unknown which cast members/characters may be affected, it is expected that series regulars will be generally unaffected by this development.

Having said that, Geffri Maya is anticipated to reprise her role as Simone. Maya made her television debut as Simone in the initial series All American. Her other major part prior to this one was as Khadijah in the blockbuster drama Snowfall.

Peyton Alex Smith (Legacies) will play Damon Sims, Kelly Jenrette (Limetown) will play Amara Patterson, Cory Hardrict (The Chi) will play Coach Marcus Turner, and Sylvester Powell (Five Points) will play Jessie ‘JR’ Raymond.

All American: Homecoming Season 3 streaming platforms

All American: Homecoming serves as a CW network original series, and new episodes air straight on the network’s website.

Is there a trailer for All American: Homecoming season 3?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official trailer released. Stay tuned to find the latest details about your favorite series and shows.