SEVENTEEN members make a new record on Billboard Charts 2023

Credit: Twitter

SEVENTEEN, the popular South Korean boy band, has been making waves on various Billboard charts, solidifying their global popularity and success. Let’s explore their achievements and activities in more detail.

Topping the Billboard Main Chart

SEVENTEEN’s 10th mini album “FML” proved to be a massive hit as it topped the US Billboard main chart for an impressive six consecutive weeks. Released on April 24, the album reached its peak position at number 113 on the recent Billboard 200 chart, showcasing the group’s growing international fanbase. Debuting at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, “FML” became SEVENTEEN’s highest-ranking album, maintaining its chart presence for six weeks. Additionally, the album secured fifth place on the World Album chart and has been performing well on other Billboard charts, including eighth place on both the Top Current Album Sales and Top Album Sales charts.

Impressive Rankings and Achievements

SEVENTEEN’s single, also titled “FML,” achieved significant success on various charts. It reached the top position on the album chart’s Hot Albums chart and the Billboard Japan 2023 first half chart. The single also secured an impressive third place on the Top Album Sales chart, marking the highest position for a K-pop artist. These achievements highlight SEVENTEEN’s growing influence and popularity within the music industry.

Special Collaboration with BTS’ Jungkook

Fans were ecstatic when two talented members from prominent K-pop groups came together. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and BTS’ Jungkook collaborated in a recently released video, creating a buzz among fans. The 36-second clip showcased the two idols performing a synchronized choreography to SEVENTEEN’s latest song, “Super.” Known for its challenging dance routine, the video delighted fans who were thrilled to witness the “97 brothers” dancing together so skillfully. The collaboration highlighted the camaraderie and support shared among K-pop artists.


SEVENTEEN has achieved remarkable success on various Billboard charts, including their impressive run at the top of the Billboard main chart with their mini album “FML.” Their achievements exemplify their global popularity and growing fanbase. Moreover, their collaboration with BTS’ Jungkook added excitement to the K-pop community, further solidifying SEVENTEEN’s presence and influence in the industry. As they continue to captivate audiences with their talent and music, SEVENTEEN’s future looks bright and promising.