XO, Kitty Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in June 2023

XO Kitty
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XO, Kitty gave us all an unexpected ending. After going miles away to a college, fighting for her love for Dae, finding out more about her mother’s past, and most of all finding her true self. It has been a rollercoaster ride for Kitty. After being expelled and returning back to home and leaving us all with so many questions, it is just not fair.

To all the fans wondering whether or not we will be having the second season of XO, Kitty, worry not. We have brought to you all the updates you need to know about XO, Kitty season 2.

XO Kitty 2
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Is XO, Kitty renewed for season 2?

Yes! Good news for all the ones wondering and eagerly waiting to know. Our favorite series has been renewed for a second season. After leaving so many questions unanswered in the first season, we definitely deserved another season.

When is XO, Kitty season 2 going to release?

As of now, there has been no official announcement on the release of the second season. The series has just been renewed and is yet to start with its filming and production. Hence, it is too early to be asking for a release date. It is a long wait till we get a release date for XO, Kitty season 2.

XO Kitty 1
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Is there a trailer for XO, Kitty season 2?

As mentioned earlier, the cast and crew members are yet to start with the productions, and therefore we have to wait a long time till we get any update, teaser, or an actual full-length trailer for the second season. We will get a trailer a few days before the release of season 2. So once we get the trailer, it won’t be that long before we get the episodes released.

XO Kitty 5
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Who will return in XO, Kitty season 2?

We can expect the lead character Anna Cathcart definitely return as Kitty. At the same time, the other key characters will also make their return to the third season. The cast members include Choi Min-young as Dae-heon Kim, Gia Kim as Yuri Han, Sang Heon Lee as Min-ho, Peter Thurnwald as Professor Alex Finnerty, Anthony Keyvan as Quincy “Q” Shabazian, Regan Aliyah as Juliana, Theo Augier Bonaventure as Florian.

We might also get to see new faces in the next season. But there has been no official cast and characters list announced by the production.

XO Kitty 4
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What is the expected plot of XO, Kitty season 2?

In the season finale, we see Kitty being confused about her feeling, she starts having feelings for Yuri which she tells about to Dae, and they break up. While going back, she also finds Min-ho sitting next to her on the airplane. It had been a rollercoaster ride of feeling for Kitty. The upcoming season will focus on Kitty and her feelings. Even though Kitty has been expelled, she might make her way back to the school in the next season. The second season will also put more emphasis on Kitty and her friend group and their feeling about one another. Moreover, the next season will have more fun, friendships, and drama. Jenny Han never disappoints us with her rom-coms. And we are all ready to witness it in XO, Kitty season 2.

XO Kitty 6
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Where to watch XO, Kitty season 2?

XO, Kitty is a Netflix original series and will premiere exclusively on Netflix. You can also catch up on the episodes of season 1 on Netflix.

This is all about XO, Kitty season 2. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming season.