Velma Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Velma 1 1
Credits: HBO MAX

Velma has always remained to be one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces. Since Velma season 1 aired on February 9, viewers started wondering if an additional season of the Scooby-Doo character’s origin story is in the works. However, the fate of the show still remains undecided, to say the least.

HBO Max originals have endured a rough year, with the online platform discontinuing a number of projects, including animated shows such as Close Enough and live-action shows such as Minx and Love Life. Several media outlets have dubbed the cancellation of numerous projects a “bloodbath,” and in other cases, all of the programs have been totally removed from the platform.

Furthermore, when Velma aired on HBO Max the previous month, fans as well as critics panned it. Rotten Tomatoes has a dismal Tomatometer rating of 42% and a poor audience score of only 7%. Furthermore, Velma received a 1.4 out of ten score on IMDb, based on over 66,000 fan reviews. Although it appeared that the vast majority of fans were not enjoying Velma, a substantial crowd was tuning in.

Many reboots aren’t as well accepted as the original material on which they are based. Velma swiftly became to be among the most reviled reboots in television history after the first episode aired earlier this year. A Scooby-Doo show without its core canine, the program appeared to encounter every bump in the road with franchise fans, and even the vitriol directed towards Scrappy-Doo over the years paled in contrast to the complete hatred Velma experienced across each assessment site and channel.

Credits: HBO MAX

There was no aspect of the program that failed to gain someone’s backup, and while critics’ ratings were on a par with numerous other mixed evaluation shows, audiences pounded the rating of approval into the surface to the point that the entire series turned into the least popular show ever measured by IMDb and presently has a 7% acceptance velocity on Rotten Tomatoes. So the issue is, the reason why Warner Bros. Discovery would desire to do more?

Velma Season 2 Renewal Status

HBO Max hasn’t made an official announcement about Velma Season 2, but it might be in the works, according to ScreenRant. But for now, it seems as if Season 2 isn’t happening.

Velma Season 2 Plot

The evolution of Daphne and Velma’s relationship might continue in a prospective Season 2 of the program, which would also introduce another season-long mystery narrative. The creator of Velma, Charlie Grandy, apparently alluded to plans for a slow-burn romantic journey when he noted, “You don’t want Jim and Pam getting together in the second episode.”

Velma 2 1
Credits: HBO MAX

If Velma is renewed for a second season, the show’s main four stars, Mindy Kaling as Velma, Constance Wu as Daphne, Sam Richardson as Norville (Shaggy), and Glenn Howerton as Fred, are expected to return to do voice work.

Velma’s debut was postponed by more than two years following its first introduction in February 2021. You won’t be stuck waiting for additional two years before a potential Velma Season 2, either. Because the cast and creative core of the television series is already in place, an early return seems like a genuine possibility.

The die was undoubtedly cast long before the audience’s dislike for Velma manifested. As the globe began to condemn the program, it was uncovered that placeholders for different components of a second season had already been established, implying that the production had likely received permission to proceed even before the first season premiering. However, with WBD evidently ready to pull off the switch on projects that are far into production or have even been finished, why would they proceed with Velma? The massive watching statistics will undoubtedly have been a key determining aspect, but will the bet pay off, or did the intrigue that caused such a surge of interest been satisfied sufficiently with season one?

Velma Season 2 Trailer

Since Velma Season 2 is not renewed yet, there’s no trailer as well. But don’t lose hope. You can watch Season 1’s teaser for now.

Where to watch Velma?

Velma is available on HBO and HBO Max.