BTS FESTA 2023 Gets Around 40,000 Attendees Including Fireworks Show

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The 2023 BTS FESTA marked BTS’ 10th debut anniversary with a grand event at Yeouido’s Hangang Park. Fans and non-fans (referred to as “muggles”) gathered to celebrate the milestone. The festival lasted for a couple of weeks and concluded with a spectacular event.

Estimated Attendance

BTS’ agency, HYBE, and local media reports estimated a staggering 400,000 attendees at Hangang Park in Yeouido. Approximately 120,000 of the attendees were foreigners, representing over 28.5% of the crowd.

BTS’ Global Influence

The overwhelming attendance demonstrates BTS’ undeniable global influence and fan base. The actual turnout exceeded the city of Seoul’s expectations by an impressive 100,000 people. About 2,000 personnel were deployed at the event site for crowd control and safety measures.

Highlights from BTS’ 10th Anniversary Festa in Yeouido

RM took charge of the event, appearing in person after riding a boat. Jimin engaged in a fun game with fans through a pre-recorded voice note. SUGA, currently on overseas shows, sent a video message. Jungkook and V made a phone call to RM during his DJ talk event. The fireworks show, narrated by Jungkook, illuminated the Han River and Seoul in BTS’ colors for 30 minutes.