BTS Army Curious About Female Singer in the Group: DEETS Inside

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During the celebration of BTS FESTA 2023, BTS surprised their fans, known as ARMYs, with a cover of two classic jazz songs performed by member V. As ARMYs continue to praise V for his soulful vocals, their curiosity has also been piqued about the female singer who accompanied him, Minna Seo.

The Mystery Behind Minna Seo

While ARMYs eagerly seek information about Minna Seo, the exact details surrounding her collaboration with BTS remain unconfirmed. However, fans have made connections based on social media clues. Notably, Minna Seo is followed on Instagram by Docskim, a music producer on BTS’ team, as well as Hyesung, who has previously worked with V. Additionally, Minna Seo has participated in the show called Stars Awakening, showcasing her vocal talent and has held successful concerts at the Lotte Concert Hall in Seoul. Her contributions to V’s cover of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” further showcase her vocal abilities.

Le Jazz de V

A Remarkable Performance: As part of BTS’ FESTA 2023, V delighted fans with a breathtaking rendition of two timeless jazz songs, “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” by Bing Crosby and “Cheek To Cheek” by Fred Astaire. The live clip captivated ARMYs on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, garnering 3.9 million views and counting. V showcased his deep bass voice while flawlessly capturing the essence of both songs. This performance further solidified V’s love for jazz music, leaving fans eager to hear more from his highly-anticipated solo album.


Minna Seo’s collaboration with V in the ‘Le Jazz de V’ live clip has generated significant attention from BTS ARMYs worldwide. As the FESTA 2023 festivities continue, fans remain captivated by V’s remarkable vocals and eagerly await future musical endeavors from both V and Minna Seo.