BLACKPINK’s Lisa Becomes 1st K-pop Idol to Have 95 Million Instagram Followers

Credit: Instagram

Lisa, a prominent member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK, has garnered remarkable success and achieved several impressive milestones throughout her career. From breaking Guinness World Records to dominating social media platforms and music streaming services, Lisa’s influence extends worldwide. This article highlights her notable achievements under specific subheadings.

Instagram Success

Lisa has attained unprecedented popularity on Instagram, with over 95 million followers, making her the Korean celebrity with the highest number of followers. She secured the Guinness World Record for the most Instagram followers among K-pop artists. While ranking third among Asian celebrities, Lisa is surpassed only by Virat Kohli and Gal Gadot, with approximately 250 million and 104 million followers, respectively. Notably, Lisa also ranks 38th among all celebrities globally.

Top Music Influencers on Instagram

In addition to her massive follower count, Lisa holds the seventh position on the Instagram Top Music Influencer chart. This notable achievement places her alongside renowned musicians such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. It exemplifies Lisa’s strong impact and influence within the music industry.

Global Popularity

Lisa’s popularity transcends borders, as evident from her significant fanbase across various countries. Countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand, the United States, and South Korea have recorded substantial levels of popularity for Lisa. This global appeal showcases her ability to connect with diverse audiences worldwide.

Google Search Dominance

Lisa stands out as the most searched K-pop female idol, according to Google’s analysis of search data from 2017 to 2023. Her consistently high search volume and popularity contribute to her position as the top female idol in Google’s cumulative trend data. This recognition further solidifies Lisa’s status as a leading figure in the K-pop industry.

Spotify Streaming Records

Lisa’s solo track “MONEY” has achieved remarkable success on Spotify. In Thailand, the song surpassed 38.9 million streams, making it the most streamed song on Spotify Thailand, surpassing Tilly Bird’s “Same Page.” Furthermore, “MONEY” accumulated over 751,771,218 Spotify streams within 639 days of its release, setting two significant solo K-pop records for Lisa. Her official Spotify account also boasts 13,282,330 monthly listeners, the highest among solo female K-pop artists and third highest among all female K-pop idols.


Lisa’s accomplishments speak volumes about her talent, influence, and global appeal. From her record-breaking Instagram followership to her strong presence as a top music influencer, she has garnered immense recognition worldwide. With her achievements on platforms like Google and Spotify, Lisa continues to solidify her position as a prominent figure in the K-pop industry, leaving a lasting impact on the music and entertainment landscape.