BTS FESTA 2023: Social buzz receives humongous online views; Know the numbers

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June proved to be a special month for BTS and their dedicated fanbase, ARMY, as the group and BIGHIT MUSIC spared no effort in creating cherished memories and celebrating their 10th debut anniversary. From online streaming festivals to live shows and fireworks, BTS and ARMY showed their unwavering support and love for each other. This article highlights the key events and achievements during BTS FESTA 2023.

Bang Bang Con 23

A Global Music Festival: Kicking off the festivities on June 3, BTS FESTA 2023 began with the highly anticipated online streaming music festival, ‘Bang Bang Con 23.’ Fans from 223 countries around the world tuned in to watch this special event, showcasing the group’s immense global popularity. The festival featured free online streams of concert videos from BTS’ previous tours, allowing ARMY to relive unforgettable performances. Notably, BTS released the live version of their latest single, “Take Two,” which garnered 10 million views on YouTube. Additionally, V’s ‘Le Jazz de V’ achieved 5.7 million views, and J-Hope’s rock version of “Arson” received over 1.5 million views.

BTS FESTA 2023 at Yeouido

On June 17, BTS’ leader RM hosted the grand finale of BTS FESTA 2023 at Yeouido Hangang Park, in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. This large-scale event offered a range of special programs and exhibitions for visitors. RM captivated over 3000 ARMYs, both from South Korea and around the world, as he hosted the live radio show titled ‘5 pm, This is Kim Namjoon.’ The show garnered an impressive viewership of over 1.08 million on Weverse live and approximately 304K on YouTube.

Fireworks at Yeouido

To commemorate BTS’ remarkable 10th debut anniversary, over 400,000 enthusiastic fans gathered at Yeouido to witness a breathtaking fireworks display. Despite not being able to see all the members together, the ARMY displayed mature fan etiquette, following the safety guidelines provided by staff members. The event left an indelible impression on the attendees, who enjoyed the spectacular fireworks and celebrated BTS’ monumental achievement.


BTS FESTA 2023 truly exemplified the strong bond between BTS and their devoted fanbase, ARMY. From the global reach of Bang Bang Con 23 to the engaging live show by RM at Yeouido, the month-long celebration was filled with unforgettable moments. The fireworks display served as a fitting tribute to BTS’ extraordinary 10th debut anniversary. Through their remarkable performances and the overwhelming support of ARMY, BTS continues to solidify their status as global icons in the music industry.