Mayor of Kingstown season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

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Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan never disappoints. Mayor of the Kingstown is one of the amazing thriller and drama series by Sheridan. It definitely exceeds the expectation of the audience and leaves you amazed. Every episode of this series is worth watching if you are a fan of thriller series.

The show first premiered on 14th November 2021 on Paramount+. After having two successful seasons of Mayor of the Kingstown, the fans are now eager to know whether or not they will be getting another season for the show. And if yes, when will it premiere? Worry not; we are here to answer all your questions regarding Mayor of the Kingstown season 3.

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Is Mayor of the Kingstown renewed for season 3?

So far, there has been no news about the renewal of the series for the third season, however, do not get your hopes down. We still have the possibility of the series returning for its third season. Back in January, when season 2 premiered, the co-creator of the series said in an interview that “Taylor and I have multiple ideas for multiple seasons. If everything went according to the plan with Paramount+ and the rest of it, I would think that we’d start in August, September, maybe pre-production in the summer.”

Also, as we know, the lead of the show, Jeremy Renner, was injured as he was run over by a snow plow and was left with bone fractures. However, the actor seems to be getting well. And we can hope he gets well soon and jump in for a third season of the show. We can expect the show to get a green light for season 3 soon.

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What is the expected release of Mayor of Kingstown season 3?

As there is no update on the renewal, it will be too early to be expecting a release date for the third season. We can expect to get updates on the release date once the show has been renewed for its third season. So it will be a long wait till we get season 3 of Mayor of Kingstown.

Who will return to the cast of Mayor of Kingstown season 3?

We can expect the key characters of the show to return in the third season. It is for sure that Jeremy Renner, the lead character who plays the role of Mike McLusky, will make his return to the show. Other cast members include Dianna Wiest as Mariam McLusky, Huge Dillon, who is also the creator of the show, will return as Ian Fergusson, Tobi Bamtefa as Deverin Washington, Taylor Handley as Kyle McLusky, Emma Laird as Iris, Aidan Gillen as Milo Sunter, Kyle Chandler as Mitch McLusky and other recurring cast members.

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What will be the expected plot for Mayor of Kingstown season 3?

The official plot for season 3 has not been released yet. But we can expect the story to take off from where it left off in the finale of the second season. The last episode of season 2 left quite a space for the series to be continued further. Towards the finale, Ian, Mike, and Iris try and successfully manage to escape. Milo ends up in a risky and uncontrollable situation. Also, Dillon’s statement on further improvement of the story suggests that the series has a long-term plan.

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Where to watch the Mayor of Kingstown?

The third season of Mayor of Kingstown will premiere on its original network, that is, Paramount+. You can stream the first two seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

This is all about Mayor of Kingstown season 3. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming season.