The Morning Show Season 3: What we know so far

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Apple TV+ has made considerable inroads into the streaming service content race by providing an enticing selection of original material and collecting a varied choice of tales across various genres and subjects. From Ted Lasso to Servant, the outpouring of praise for their stories, acting, and production quality is well-deserved.

The Morning Show is another well-known name that stands with those mentioned above. The Morning Show has swiftly become a fan favorite and ranks as the second most-watched Apple TV+ show behind Ted Lasso since its debut on Apple TV+. The show takes viewers behind the scenes of the daily lives of the anchors, producers, and crew of a fictitious morning news program named “The Morning Show.” 

The series delves into the fallout from a controversy that rocked the show after one of the show’s co-anchors, Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), was sacked due to sexual misconduct claims. This occurrence sets off a sequence of events that includes Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) struggling to keep her position as a top news presenter and the entrance of an impetuous field reporter, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon). The Morning Show looks into the power battles, personal goals, and ethical quandaries that the characters encounter as they negotiate the universe of morning television. 

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The Morning Show Season 3 renewal updates

The Morning Show was initially picked up for a total of two seasons, and a third season hadn’t been certain due to the show’s numerous prominent faces and the difficulty of juggling schedules. However, the series’ new producer Charlotte Stoudt announced the comeback of The Morning Show in January 2022.

“I’m excited to be joining forces with Apple TV Plus and ‘The Morning Show,'” Stoudt told Variety. “The cast, led by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, is truly to die for.” Kerry, Mimi, and Michael, as well as the teams at Media Res, Hello Sunshine, and Echo Films, have created a universe that is both delightful and provocative.”

Who might be cast for the forthcoming season of The Morning Show?

The forthcoming season will reacquaint audiences with a familiar group of brilliant actors. Along with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reprising their roles as Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson, a number of prominent cast members are expected to return: Cory Ellison is played by Billy Crudup, Charlie Black (aka Chip) is played by Mark Duplass, Yanko Flores is played by Nestor Carbonell, Mia Jordan is played by Karen Pittman, Daniel Henderson is played by Desean Terry, Laura Peterson is played by Julianna Margulies, Stella Bak is played by Greta Lee, and Ty Fitzgerald is played by Ruairi O’Connor.

While almost all of the main cast is set to return, there will be new members of the morning crew. Apple TV+ has formally revealed that Jon Hamm will be seen in the next part of the series. The Man Men star will play Paul Marks, “a corporate titan who sets his sights on UBA, pulling Cory, Alex, and Bradley into his powerful orbit.” As the characters’ aims and influences intersect with the existing cast, the entrance of novel characters will probably create a fascinating dynamic in the story. Other new cast members on The Morning Show this season involve series staple Nicole Beharie (Miss Juneteenth) as Christina Hunter, a new anchor, and regular appearances from Tig Notaro (Army of the Dead) as Paul Mark’s chief of employees Amanda Robinson, Stephen Fry (Wilde) as UBA board member Leonard Cromwell, Natalie Morales (Dead to Me) as Kate Danton, Clive Standen (Vikings) as Andre Ford, Alano.

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What will The Morning Show Season 3 be about?

Season 2 of The Morning Show culminated with a sequence of dramatic events that had a big influence on the lives of the characters. There were various developments, ranging from Alex contracting COVID-19 and giving an on-air outburst to Daniel leaving the program to Cory’s streaming service debut failing. Notably, Cory professed his feelings for Bradley, greatly complicating the plot. As Season 3 progresses, fans can expect to see Bradley’s psychological odyssey in reaction to Cory’s revelation, as well as the fallout from Alex’s profanity-laced broadcast. While particular themes for Season 3 haven’t been released in detail, Kerry Ehrin, who had been the showrunner for prior seasons and has stepped into an advisory capacity for Season 3, has offered some suggestions about what fans might anticipate.

Ehrin recommended a time leap between Seasons 2 and 3 in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter rather than starting up where the plot left off. Ehrin commended the show’s unique universe’s adaptability, emphasizing that it may be set in any time period. She notably stated wanting to go more into Bradley and Laura’s travels, as well as hinting at a possible enlarged role for Paola Lambruschini, played by Valeria Golino. Paola is an important character in the story since she was the one who interviewed Mitch preceding his death and delivered vital material to America. Ehrin’s comment hints that the forthcoming season will see greater engagement and the growth of Paola’s character.

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More Updates on The Morning Show’s Future

Even before the third season began, Apple TV+ approved Season 4 of The Morning Show, demonstrating their faith in the show’s performance. However, scheduling Season 4 may be challenging due to worries over Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s contracts, which were supposed to expire at the conclusion of Season 3. Regardless, talks are proceeding, and it is expected that both actors will sign new contracts, maybe including a Season 5 option. These agreements reveal the ambition to retain the show’s core talent and set the ground for the forthcoming seasons of this captivating series.