BLACKPINK’s Lisa and actor Park Bogum fuel romance rumors

Credit: Instagram

Love is in the air in the K-pop and entertainment world as BLACKPINK’s Lisa and actor Park Bogum continue to captivate fans with their close bond. From attending fashion shows to enjoying concerts together, the duo has sparked rumors of a blossoming romance. While their relationship remains shrouded in mystery, their fans eagerly speculate about the nature of their connection.

Concert Sighting: Lisa and Park Bogum Enjoy Bruno Mars’ Performance

Lisa and Park Bogum sent fans into a frenzy when they were spotted together at Bruno Mars’ concert in Seoul. The sight of them entering the venue together ignited speculation about their relationship. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they observed the pair’s undeniable chemistry and wondered about the potential for romance.

A Growing Friendship: From Fashion Shows to Stylish Reunions

Lisa and Park Bogum first crossed paths at the CELINE fashion show in Paris, where they immediately hit it off. Joined by BTS’ V, the trio has since attended various events together, making stylish statements wherever they go. The recent reunion at the CELINE pop-up event in Seoul only intensified curiosity about their friendship, as they posed for photos and showcased their shared passion for fashion.

Common Ground: CELINE Brand Ambassadors

Both Lisa and Park Bogum serve as ambassadors for the luxury French brand CELINE. Their shared interest in fashion and style has brought them together, with CELINE recognizing their individual talents and allure. As fans observe their undeniable charm and compatibility, they can’t help but imagine the possibilities of a deeper connection between the two stars.

Privacy and Speculation

Although fans are eager for answers, Lisa and Park Bogum have chosen to keep their personal lives private. Neither has addressed the dating rumors surrounding them, and it’s essential to respect their privacy. It’s possible that their outings together simply signify a close friendship based on shared interests and mutual admiration.


As fans eagerly await any updates on the relationship between Lisa and Park Bogum, their friendship continues to captivate the K-pop and entertainment world. Whether their connection evolves into something more or remains a strong bond of friendship, their fans will support them in their individual endeavors. For now, fans can appreciate the beautiful friendship between Lisa and Park Bogum as they navigate the glamorous worlds of music and acting together, leaving room for curiosity and hope about what the future holds for these beloved stars.