BTS’ V Breaks a new Spotify record with Christmas Tree from Our Beloved Summer

Credit: Instagram

BTS’ V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has achieved a remarkable milestone as his latest OST, “Christmas Tree” from the drama “Our Beloved Summer,” surpasses 300 million streams on Spotify. This accomplishment makes it the fastest OST to reach this feat, surpassing V’s previous record with “Sweet Night” for the drama “Itaewon Class.” Let’s delve into the details of V’s success and his recent activities.

“Christmas Tree” and V’s Musical Collaboration

“Christmas Tree” serves as the main love song in the SBS drama “Our Beloved Summer.” V worked closely with music director Nam Hye Seung from the planning stage, showcasing his musical prowess. Director Nam Hye Seung praised V for beautifully solving the puzzle of the song, as his voice effortlessly portrays a range of emotions across the low, high, and middle registers. In Spotify’s year-end review for 2022, “Christmas Tree” was recognized as the most streamed Korean drama OST and the eighth most streamed track by a K-pop artist worldwide. This achievement solidifies V’s reputation as the OST King.

V’s Previous OST Success with “Sweet Night”

V’s earlier OST contribution, “Sweet Night,” from the drama “Itaewon Class,” had held the previous record as the most-streamed OST. The song garnered immense popularity and topped Spotify’s Korean drama soundtrack charts in both 2020 and 2021. “Sweet Night” reigned as the most streamed OST for three consecutive years, further establishing V’s prominence in the world of drama soundtracks.

V Teases Solo Album and Encounter with Lady Gaga

On June 21st, V shared a picture on social media that captured a memorable moment between him and Lady Gaga at the 64th Grammy Awards in April 2022. The photo depicts Lady Gaga affectionately holding V’s cheeks while he smiles timidly but happily. Although not confirmed, many fans speculated that this could be a teaser for V’s upcoming solo album, with the possibility of Lady Gaga featuring on it.

V’s Special Performance with J-Hope

To commemorate his tenth debut anniversary, V surprised fans by singing “Cheek to Cheek,” a duet originally performed by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. The video of V’s performance alongside J-Hope, his BTS bandmate, was shared, showcasing their warm camaraderie. Fans were overjoyed to see V again, especially as J-Hope had recently enlisted in the military on April 18th.


BTS’ V continues to make waves in the music industry with his remarkable achievements. His OST “Christmas Tree” for the drama “Our Beloved Summer” has broken records and become the fastest OST to surpass 300 million streams on Spotify. Additionally, V’s encounters with Lady Gaga and his upcoming solo album teaser have further heightened anticipation among fans. With his immense talent and versatility, V’s contributions to both group and solo endeavors continue to captivate audiences worldwide.