Here’s what Kanye West has to say about daughter North West using TikTok

Kanye West
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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, who have four children together, have publicly clashed over their parenting decisions since their divorce. One major point of disagreement was their eldest daughter North’s use of TikTok. Kanye expressed his disapproval of North having a TikTok account, but recent reports indicate a shift in his perspective on the matter. This article explores Kanye’s evolving stance and the challenges faced by the ex-couple in co-parenting.

Kanye’s Initial Disagreement and Concerns

Kanye West has previously called out Kim Kardashian for allowing their daughter North to use TikTok against his wishes. Despite his concerns, Kim manages a joint TikTok account, ‘@kimandnorth,’ for herself and North. According to an insider who spoke with US Weekly, Kanye has softened his stance due to Kim’s reasonable approach to the content North posts. The source revealed that while Kanye disagrees with North’s TikTok usage, he appreciates Kim’s consideration of the type of content shared.

Kanye’s Protective Stance on North

The source explains that Kanye shares a strong bond with his 10-year-old daughter. Although he trusts North, he recognizes her young age and her potential inability to always make appropriate judgment calls regarding sharing content with the public. Kanye’s concerns stem from his desire to shield North from potential negative influences or inappropriate exposure on social media.

Kanye West
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Kim Acknowledges Mistakes and Supports North’s Creativity

Kim Kardashian recently spoke to Time magazine, admitting that she made a wrong call regarding North’s TikTok usage. She referenced a viral video in which North and rapper Ice Spice were dancing and lip-syncing to the song “Boy’s a Liar, Pt. 2.” Once Kim realized the song’s inappropriate lyrics for a 10-year-old, she promptly removed the video. Reflecting on this incident, Kim acknowledged that Kanye was right in wanting to limit North’s exposure to social media. However, she also emphasized her support for North’s creativity, highlighting her interest in making slime videos and hair tutorials.

Co-Parenting Challenges and Past Clashes

Kanye West publicly criticized Kim Kardashian when North’s TikTok posts gained attention. He took to social media to express his disapproval, claiming that his daughter was being put on TikTok against his will. In response, Kim defended her decision, expressing hurt over Kanye’s attacks and asserting that she was doing her best to protect their daughter. The couple’s co-parenting journey has faced challenges as they navigate their differing perspectives and find common ground for the well-being of their children.


Kanye West’s initial disagreement with Kim Kardashian regarding their daughter North’s TikTok usage seems to have evolved. While Kanye remains concerned about his daughter’s exposure and judgment, he has recognized Kim’s reasonable approach to content selection. Co-parenting can be challenging, and the couple’s public clashes reflect the complexities they face in raising their children after their divorce. As they continue to navigate their roles as co-parents, finding a balance between protection and fostering creativity will remain a priority for both Kanye and Kim.