Kim Kardashian reacts to deleting daughter North West’s TikTok videos

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian, in a recent interview with Time magazine, discusses her approach to parenting and addresses a TikTok video featuring her daughter, North West, and rapper Ice Spice. Kardashian shares insights into the decision to remove the video and the importance of allowing her children to express their creativity.

Parenting Pitfalls: The TikTok Incident

Kardashian explains her reaction upon seeing her daughter’s TikTok video, expressing concern over the content and swiftly deciding to remove it. Despite criticism from some, Kardashian emphasizes her support for North’s creative endeavors, such as making slime videos and hair tutorials.

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Co-Parenting Challenges

The interview touches on the complexities of co-parenting and differing perspectives between Kardashian and her ex-husband, Kanye West. Kardashian acknowledges that disagreements arise but highlights the importance of compromise when it comes to raising their children. She recognizes that finding a balance is crucial in protecting her kids while nurturing their creative pursuits.

North’s Connection with Ice Spice

North’s admiration for rapper Ice Spice is revealed as she dressed up as the artist and lip-synced a portion of a song in the TikTok video. Kardashian admits not initially knowing who Ice Spice was but credits her daughter for introducing her to the artist’s music. The experience inspired Kardashian to include Ice Spice in a SKIMS campaign, showcasing her openness to incorporating her children’s interests into her own endeavors.

Fostering Creativity and Parental Support

Kardashian highlights the importance of allowing her children to explore their passions and interests. She values being a supportive parent who encourages her kids to be creative while also striving to protect them. Kardashian acknowledges the challenges that arise when balancing the desire for independence with parental guidance.


Kim Kardashian’s interview sheds light on her parenting journey and the challenges she faces as a co-parent. She emphasizes her commitment to supporting her children’s creativity, as exemplified by her response to North’s TikTok video and the subsequent collaboration with rapper Ice Spice. Through compromise and an open-minded approach, Kardashian navigates the delicate balance of guiding her children while allowing them to express themselves authentically.