Are BLACKPINK’s Lisa and NCT’s Taeyong dating? DEETS Inside

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa and NCT’s Taeyong have found themselves at the center of a dating rumor that has caught the attention of K-pop fans. Observant fans noticed similarities between their social media posts, leading to speculation about a potential relationship between the two artists. While evidence such as matching outfits and coinciding social media activity has fueled the rumor, neither Lisa nor Taeyong nor their agencies have confirmed or addressed the speculation.

The Instagram Dating Rumor

Fans noticed the active presence of Lisa and Taeyong on Instagram, prompting them to draw connections between their online activities. A K-pop fan started the rumor on an online community, citing alleged evidence such as matching outfits and synchronized social media posts on June 23, 2023. K-pop idols often travel internationally, and when they share pictures from similar locations or with matching timelines, fans often interpret it as a sign of a romantic relationship.

Matching Outfits and Social Media Clues

To support the dating rumors, fans gathered photos from various videos and posts where Lisa and Taeyong were seen wearing similar jackets, hats, and other matching items. These resemblances further fueled speculation about their relationship. However, it’s important to note that there is no official confirmation or statement from either artist or their respective agencies regarding their alleged romantic involvement.

Fans’ Reactions and Humorous Response

The dating rumors sparked a frenzy among fans, particularly NCT’s fanbase. Fans responded to the speculation with their characteristic wit and humor. While some media outlets reported on the rumors, both fandoms were surprised by the sudden speculation, as it was the first they had heard of such rumors. Fans expressed their thoughts through memes and humorous posts, emphasizing that even if the rumors were true, Lisa and Taeyong deserve privacy and respect.

Connection to Bruno Mars’ Concert

Fans also drew connections between Lisa and Taeyong’s alleged relationship and their presence at the day 2 show of Bruno Mars concert. While some fans speculated that this could be a link to the dating rumors, it remains unconfirmed and purely speculative at this point.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa and NCT’s Taeyong have become the subject of dating rumors within the K-pop community. Fans have pointed out coincidences in their social media posts and matching outfits as potential evidence of a romantic relationship. However, both Lisa and Taeyong, as well as their agencies, have remained silent on the matter. Fans have reacted with humor and a sense of protectiveness, reminding others to respect the privacy of the artists. As of now, the dating rumors surrounding Lisa and Taeyong remain unconfirmed.