BTS’ Jungkook shows his funny side in resurfaced video to the Army

BTS’ Jungkook becomes a handsome vampire in the latest pictorial project
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BTS, the global K-pop sensation, has gained immense popularity with its music and talent. Among the members, Jungkook stands out for his vocal abilities and stage presence. However, a recently resurfaced video has showcased his funny side, leaving fans in stitches. Additionally, BTS recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in the music industry and announced the release of their memoir, adding to the excitement among fans.

A Hilarious Resurfaced Video

An Indian fan shared a video of Jungkook playfully singing “A Guy Like Me,” which has garnered widespread attention. The video, originally posted by a desi fan, shows Jungkook dressed in red with a mustache, cap, and trident. He lip-syncs to the song in a humorous and entertaining manner, showcasing his goofy and mischievous expressions. Fans couldn’t help but adore his ridiculous yet cute appearance. Surprisingly, it was revealed that V had recorded the video and shared it with fans, expressing his amusement at their past shenanigans.

BTS Celebrates 10 Years in the Industry

On June 13, 2023, BTS commemorated its 10th anniversary in the music industry. To mark this milestone, the group announced the release of their first-ever memoir titled “BEYOND THE STORY: 10 Years of BTS.” Written by the members themselves and journalist Kang Myeong Seok, the memoir offers a glimpse into their personal experiences and emotions throughout their decade-long journey. BIGHIT MUSIC shared first impressions and concept teasers, building anticipation among fans.

Insights into BTS’ Journey

The concept teasers and accompanying notes provide glimpses into the members’ reflections on their 10-year journey. BTS members share their personal experiences, growth, and emotions tied to their music and achievements. The teasers aim to intrigue fans and create excitement for the release of the memoir, offering an intimate look into the lives of the iconic group.


Jungkook’s funny side showcased in the resurfaced video has brought laughter to fans worldwide. His playful rendition of “A Guy Like Me” has captured the hearts of ARMYs. Additionally, BTS’ 10th anniversary marks a significant milestone in their careers, with the release of their memoir adding to the excitement among fans. The memoir promises to provide deeper insights into BTS’ journey, offering a personal and heartfelt narrative from the members themselves.