The Best Found Footage Horror Movies

Credits: SHUDDER

Horror movies have a spice of their own. Be it the narratives, cast, gruesome sets, or eerie instrumentals, they always have a way of giving people the chills. For decades, the question ‘Are ghosts real?’ has been lingering around fans, but nothing has them more hooked than found footage horror movies.

The found footage horror film, a relatively new subgenre invention, has its own distinguishing characteristics, such as an unsteady camera, hyper-realistic performances that appear purposefully unprofessional, and the blending of fiction and reality through framing techniques, but it’s a really unique and diverse subgenre that has so much more to offer than Paranormal Activity.

Hell House LLC

For a contemporary found footage horror film, this is about as lean and austere a premise as you can select, yet Hell House LLC is more of a lesson in execution. A haunted house crew makes a grave mistake while choosing the location for their attraction, and then all of a sudden, they all end up dead. Although Hell House LLC has a very typical setup for a “no one escapes alive” entry in the found footage subgenre, it really has some genuinely frightening moments and performances. It makes a lot of use of relatively simple setups and delivery, including moving around items and using life-size clown costumes, and it shoots scenes in a seamless manner that closely resembles “real time.” The subtle sense of fear and unease is very visible throughout the movie as weird incidents unfold in front of the characters.

HELL HOUSE LLC (2016) Official Trailer HD


Fans, undoubtedly, admit that this film will remain to be one of the best picks throughout the pandemic as it centers on six friends who, during an internet séance, attract the attention of a demonic entity unintentionally. They then begin to experience strange events in their houses. Even after the pandemic ended, this film will always be remembered as a snapshot of our difficulties in coping with the social isolation of COVID-19. This was achieved entirely through the same type of error-tinged Zoom meetings that we have all grown accustomed to.

Host - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original


The narrative of this movie travels in a similar path as Hosts’. This movie revolves around a group of online chatroom buddies who discover themselves being plagued by an otherworldly entity when they use the account of their deceased friend. Horror unravels from the computer screen in this movie too. This film’s innovative narrative identifies the predetermined boundaries of the film’s methodology since it’s being played out in real-time and presented as a continuous shot. Throughout the movie, we have what the protagonist sees since the camera is focused on her screen. This includes both in her own window and her friends on their own computers.

Unfriended - Official Trailer (HD)

As Above, So Below

The film, As Above, So Below delves into a unique concept. It turned out to be far more philosophical than one might anticipate from this kind of genre. Rather than including mutants or invaders, the crew of a ship experiences a metaphysical journey into the depths of hell. There are many alleged allusions to Dante’s Inferno. A video team explores the catacombs beneath Paris, but they stumble upon something far more than that. The jump scares in the movie are also pretty convincing.

As Above, So Below (2014) | Official Trailer

Be My Cat: A Film For Anne

Horror films that deal with obsession have a certain resonance to them that seems to speak about a more realistic sort of fear that practically all people experience. Maybe the element of relatability sends chills. In this film, Adrian Tofei, who also serves as the film’s director and actor, plays an obsessed wannabe director who is desperate to get Anne Hathaway to star in his movie. He is seen going to absurd lengths to get her to star in his film. As a fearsomely believable killer who lives with his mother, it is a brave and powerful example of meta-cinema.

BE MY CAT: A Film for Anne | Horror Movie Trailer