BTS’ V releases official MV for ‘Rainy Days’; Watch here

Credits: BigHit/Twitter

BTS member V never fails to wow his fans whenever something new comes up. Recently. Tae Bear shared an excellent music video for the pre-release track titled Rainy Days. It was on August 11, 2023, that BigHit Music shared a video featuring the Bangtan Boys member’s beloved dog, leaving fans completely awestruck. For the unversed, Rainy Days happen to be the second track released from V’s solo album Layover. 

The Official Music Video

V’s Rainy Days happen to be completely different from his other track, which is titled Love Me Again. This time, Tae Tar turns into an artist who misses his ex-lover and finds several ways to get back to her. The video happens to be gray-toned, which adds a kind of vibe that is completely unique. Talking about V, he is seen wearing some comfy outfits accompanied by none other than his dog, Yeontan. We also get to meet the BTS member’s alter ego, who happens to be Vante. His character is inspired by the famous artist Van Gogh. 

V 'Rainy Days' Official MV

The Intriguing Scenes

The video of Rainy Days itself seems to be intriguing as V takes the form of an artist working on some kind of sculpture. Then he goes on to make some strange silhouette out of himself. It’s not only V’s appearance that has left the fans excited about the music video. That is because his beloved pet Yeontan also features in it. 

V’s Solo Album

After most of the BTS members, V is all set to make his debut as a solo artist with his first-ever album Layover. For the unversed, it is going to be released on September 8, 2023. As of now, two of his tracks, Love Me Again and Rainy Days, are already out and will be released on several music platforms as well. For the unversed, the album is going to have three more tracks, namely Slow Dancing, Piano Version of Slow Dancing, Blue, and For Us.