I love you, mama: Angus Cloud’s mother recalls ‘Euphoria’ star’s heartbreaking final words before tragic death

Angus Cloud
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Angus Cloud’s mother is mourning his death as she opened up about the ‘Euphoria’ star’s final words spoken to her before his untimely passing during an interview with People. In an earlier Facebook post, Lisa Cloud emphasized that Angus’ death was not by suicide and that his last day was a “joyful one.”

The 25-year-old American actor was confirmed dead on July 31, His cause of death was claimed to be from an accidental overdose. At the time of his passing, a toxicology report revealed the presence of Fentanyl, cocaine, benzodiazepine, and methamphetamine in the actor’s system. The actor succumbed to acute intoxication due to the lethal blend of these substances. 

‘I’ll see you in the morning’

In a new interview with People on September 25, Lisa recalled her final conversation with Angus before bedtime that night. “I love you, mama. You’re the best,” she quoted his words to her before giving him a goodnight hug. “I’ll see you in the morning.” However, the next morning when Lisa went to check on Angus, she found him slumped over his bedroom desk and sensed that something was wrong.

“I started shaking him and screaming. I pushed him hard, and he fell on the floor. I tried to resuscitate him – mouth to mouth – and I was compressing him,” she recalled. “I was screaming for my neighbor because I didn’t want to leave him and call 911, and I just kept at it until they took him away,” adding, “I miss him so much. He was the love of my life.”

“He did not intend to end his life”

In a Facebook post shared on August 4, Lisa conveyed her thankfulness to her family and recalled Angus’ last day as a “joyful one.” In the statement, she wrote, “[Angus] was reorganizing his room and placing items around the house with intent to stay a while in the home he loved. He spoke of his intent to help provide for his sisters at college, and also help his mom emotionally and financially. He did not intend to end his life.”

She continued, “It’s abundantly clear that he did not intend to check out of this world,” adding, “His struggles were real. He gave and received so much love and support to and from his tribe. His work in ‘Euphoria’ became a lightning rod for his generation and opened up a conversation about compassion, loyalty, acceptance, and love.”

Angus was grieving his father’s death

It has been brought to attention on multiple occasions that Angus was grief-stricken by the death of his father, Conor Hickey, who died from cancer on May 18. An insider of Cloud’s family revealed that Angus had “intensely struggled with this loss.” They emphasized the comfort of knowing that Angus had “reunited” with his father who was also his “best friend.” A close friend of the actor also shared that the actor was so “traumatized” that he could not bring himself to scatter his father’s ashes during a private ceremony.


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