BTS’ V teases ARMY with a studio spoiler; Check it out

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Credits: Instagram

BTS’ V, known for keeping fans on the edge of their seats, recently treated ARMY to a sneak peek of his upcoming project. In an Instagram story, Kim Taehyung shared a video of himself in a recording studio, serenading to an unreleased song, leaving fans excited and eagerly anticipating his next move.

Engaging with Fans

Amidst the buzz, V interacted with fans on Instagram, answering their questions and sharing glimpses of his recent activities. From responding to queries about his day to sharing his most recent photoshoot pictures, Tae Bear’s engagement with ARMY showcased his playful and caring side.

Previous Spoilers and Fan Requests

This isn’t the first time the BTS member has teased fans with sneak peeks of his work. The singer has a history of sharing spoilers, keeping the anticipation high among his followers. Fans also made requests, from asking for hugs to requesting a live stream, to which V responded with warmth and consideration.

Recent Stalking Incident

While V continues to connect with fans online, he recently faced a disturbing incident involving a stalker. On October 26, a woman followed V, expressing her desire to marry him and even carrying a marriage certificate. The incident led to her detainment by the police, with ongoing investigations and suspicions of her involvement in a previous stalking case.