Paris Hilton opens up about her ‘mom era’ and newborn daughter London during Thanksgiving

Paris Hilton
Credits: Paris Hilton/Instagram

Paris Hilton is stoked about her new ‘mom era’ as a mother of two.

Hilton spoke to People before the premiere of Season 2 of her show Paris In Love, revealing how excited she was that she and her husband Carter Reum welcomed their second child, a baby girl named London during Thanksgiving. She exclaims, “I’m just over the moon that our little princess is here!” adding, “My life just feels so complete, having my little baby boy and now my little girl.”


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They welcomed their son Phoenix in January itself. She continued, ” We are just so grateful and so happy. It’s exciting to be spending our first holidays as parents.” She progressed in her revelation to People, “I am so excited to have our first holidays together. Thanksgiving was so special, surprising everyone with London and getting to show Phoenix the Christmas tree for the first time. Seeing his eyes light up and seeing the wonder in his eyes, it’s such a magical experience. I can’t wait for our first Christmas together as a family.”


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From “having Santa come and bring all the gifts for the kids” to “just sitting around on Christmas morning in matching onesies,” Hilton is looking forward to celebrating that “we can all be together, spending time as a family” this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

She even chided in about her excitement about “having my sister, my brother, and all their kids come over. It’s the next generation of cousins, and it’s just great to watch them all grow up together,” adding, “I’m looking forward to those moments so much. The holidays have always been special to me, but now they’re even more special now that I have a family to share it with.”

People reports that Season 2 of Paris In Love will entail a different side of Paris, one no one witnessed till now, a mother, a wife, a family woman. She states to the magazine, “I’m just excited for my fans to see this next stage of my life, being a wife and a mom. You get to experience a really in-depth look into my life and what a fun mom I am and how much love that I have to give and how I am very hardworking,” adding, “This season is also such a healing experience. From going through everything around releasing my memoir and talking to my family about it, and also surprising my mom on the show by meeting Phoenix for the first time. There are just so many special moments this season.”

The 42-year-old media personality then went on to say, “And I’m excited for people to really get an inside look into everything happening in my life right now. I’m looking forward to just being in my mom era. I feel like it’s my best era yet, and I’m just excited to show the world.”

Paris In Love season two premieres on Peacock on Thursday, Nov. 30.