3 Netflix shows that may conclude in 2023

Sex Education Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in November 2022
Credits: NETFLIX

Be it 2022 or 2023, Netflix has never failed to make it to the headlines every year with its smash hits, from shows like You, Outer Banks, Shadow and Bone to The Witcher. It’s not been even a full month in 2023 and Netflix has already indulged in multiple cancellations and anticipating renewals that have perched the fans on the edge of their seats. 

That being said, 2023 is also accompanied by a bittersweet feeling, because on one hand, the year is all set to stream some of the most exciting and thrilling shows on the screens, while on the other, it will bid adieu to some of the most critically acclaimed ones as they are nearing their ends. If you’re wondering which ones you may not get to see next year, continue reading the article to know more about them. 

3 Shows that may be ending in 2023

1. Sex Education

Sex Education | Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

With its latest season releasing in early 2023, Sex Education is rumoured to end with season 4 whose release date is not announced yet. Its fourth-season send-off could be partly caused by the departure of several actors from the show including Bridgerton breakout star Simone Ashley, along with Patricia Allison and Tanya Reynolds. 

Here’s the official synopsis of Sex Education season 4:

“Following the closure of Moordale Secondary, Otis and Eric now face a new frontier – their first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College.

“Otis is nervous about setting up his new clinic, whilst Eric is praying they won’t be losers again. But Cavendish is a culture shock for all the Moordale students – they thought they were progressive but this new college is at another level.

Sex Education Season 4: Every latest update you need to know
Credits: Netflix

“There’s daily yoga in the communal garden, a strong sustainability vibe and a group of kids who are popular for being… kind?! Viv is totally thrown by the college’s student-led, non-competitive approach, while Jackson is still struggling to get over Cal.

“Aimee tries something new by taking an Art A-Level, and Adam grapples with whether mainstream education is for him. Over in the US, Maeve is living her dream at the prestigious Wallace University, being taught by cult author Thomas Molloy.

“Otis is pining after her, whilst adjusting to not being an only child at home, or the only therapist on campus…”

2. Elite

Elite: Season 6 | Official Trailer | Netflix

One of the most critically-acclaimed Netflix Original Spanish-language show, Elite’s possibility of ending in 2023 should also be kept open as Netflix Life reports the general consensus of the show to be “that it’s gone on for too long.”

When Elite premiered on Netflix in 2018, it garnered the attention of the viewers with its riveting storyline and layered characters. However, by the time it reached season six, it became quite stale and repetitive. Season 6 was reviewed by many viewers as being “just alright”. Be that as it may, Netflix surprised the critics when the streamer renewed Elite for season 7. 

However, owing to the arrival of a completely new cast except for Omar Ayuso’s Omar Shanaa, Elite Season 7 has piqued the interest of the show’s fans to some extent. Regardless, the fate of the show will be completely burdened by how season 7 is viewed. If it’s only complicating things further, the fans might have to bid adieu to the show this year. 

3. Virgin River

Virgin River: Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Ever since Virgin River premiered for the first time on Netflix in December 2019, it has garnered exponential fame and a fan base that remains unparalleled even today. Featuring A-list stars such as Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence and Jenny Cooper, the season four finale has left the fans of the show wanting more. When the show was renewed for a fifth season, it did not come off as a surprise.

Despite all the critical acclaim that the show has managed to bag, the fourth season was not as strong as the previous ones. Not only that, but as the show advances in terms of its plotline, the story is lacking depth and gets sillier by the season. Although one can watch Mel and Jack all day without being bored, it seems that if it gets renewed for a sixth season, it might overstay its welcome.