Will Netflix return with 365 Days 4?

365 days 4
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After the release of The Next 365 Days, the fans are excited to get updates about the return of 365 Days with 365 Days 4. Will there be 365 Days 4? Before getting into the details of 365 Days 4, let’s do a quick time travel.

365 Days debuted on Netflix in 2020 and was loved by the audience worldwide. The movie really engrossed the viewers all around the world thanks to its passionate sex scenes, but the captivating twists and turns are also responsible for its popularity. Today, we sit here, talking about 365 Days 4. Will there be a 365 Days 4?

Will there be a 365 Days 4?

365 Days movie series is based on a set of novels by the famous Polish author Blanka Lipińska. If the fans see the case of 365 Days 4 from that perspective, it is difficult to expect a fourth season of the movie. This is because the book series is a trilogy, and the movie is based upon them. The third book, titled The Next 365 Days, is the last in the series. So hopefully, the series ends here.

The Two Sequels

After 365 Days: This Day, the fans didn’t have to wait much because both 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days were filmed back in 2021, which made it easier to release them with a short gap. The second sequel came up in April 2022, with the third one dropping in August 2022. The trailer for The Next 365 Days came out on August 10.

The Next 365 Days | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you have not watched the first two parts of the movie, you must not jump to watch The Next 365 Days directly. Hit the couch on the weekend to watch 365 Days and 365 Days: This Day. Once you’ve watched them, you can go for The Next 365 Days and catch up where the second sequel left off to see what happens to Laura after she was shot.

What’s behind the title?

The original 365 days follows the life of Laura Biel as she goes on a holiday with a friend and gets kidnapped by an Italian mafia boss (Massimo Torricelli). The story continues with her murder, before which her life goes through a series of ups and downs or only downs. The boss gives her a year, or “365 Days,” to fall in love with her. This is where the title of the series comes from.

365 Days Sequel Cast

In the movie, the role of the Italian mafia boss, Don Massimo Torricelli, is played by Michele Morrone, while his love interest Laura Biel is played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Simone Susinna is another character in the story. Netflix says that this is the final installment of this erotic drama. Other characters in the scene are Magdalena Lamparska and Otar Saralidze.

365 days 4

Why are there no expectations for 365 Days 4?

It is sad to know that there are no plans for 365 Days 4 in the 365 Days series at this time. But why? This is due to the fact that Netflix’s 365 Days film franchise s based on a trilogy of books, and with the last movie, we have reached the conclusion of the accessible source material, as the film adapts the final novel in the series, which concludes the complicated journey. The third sequel in the series is filled with pretty more surprises for Laura and Massimo. The cliffhanger ending of the third sequel, The Next 365 Days, seems to denote that there will be 365 Days 4.