4 Amazing ways to make your concealer invisible

Credits: Pexels

When it comes to doing makeup, a concealer always acts as a game-changer. You can do without some of the makeup essentials at times, but having no concealer can end up as a disaster. It is the perfect remedy to conceal your dark spots and those hideous dark circles that you get after a late night out or office work.

Moreover, we all are in the age of Zoom calls these days. So, a no-makeup makeup effect works wonders with the help of a concealer. However, we often end up messing up our makeup and fail to make it look flawless. So, what does a concealer have to do with all of this?

Concealer hacks

Concealer for flawless makeup

Experts recommend various ways to apply concealer so that you get the flawless finish you always desired. Mentioned hereunder are some of the ways to make your concealer look invisible.

  • A smooth canvas

You must thoroughly cleanse your skin and then hydrate it with a weightless moisturizer. Experts recommend using warm washcloths to scrub away any dry patches on the skin. If possible, you can try undergoing a facial for a flake-free glow. Moreover, always remember to apply the foundation first, even under the eyes so that you do not need much concealer later.

  • Know your shades


A concealer starts looking ashy or stands out too much if your undertones mismatch. If you have a warmer skin tone, try looking for orange or yellow undertones. On the other hand, if you have a cooler skin tone, try looking for flattering pink shades. Always try to use different shades of concealers on different parts of your face. Try using an apricot-tinged or mint color corrector underneath the concealer to counteract any darkness further.

  • Start from the inner corner of the eyes

You do not need to cover the entire under-eye area using a concealer. Just try concealing those areas which are dark. Usually, experts recommend applying it on the inner third of the eye, including a bit at the outer corner. Try depositing the product using a small synthetic bristle brush and the pads of your fingers to blend the concealer carefully.

  • Spot treat your blemishes

Always apply a matte primer to ensure the concealer grips onto any raised bump on your face. Once done with the primer, just press your finger on the thick pot of a concealer to blend it on the spot.

Concealer hacks

So, here are some hacks that will help make your concealer look invisible. Remember the fact that you cannot do away with this essential no matter what makeup you have chosen. So, make sure you follow all the tips and doll up prettier than ever.