4 Benefits of eating nutmeg

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Having a sweet aroma and slightly sweet, spicy, warm, and nutty taste, nutmeg is found almost in every Indian kitchen, and as it goes well with milk also, it is used in the making of many famous food dishes like soups, sauces (the brown butter sauce for gnocchi and other kinds of pasta (specially alfredo pasta)), gravy, stews, potato dishes, and whatnot. Not only this, but it is often used in making cakes like (spiced banana cake, pumpkin pie, and more), coffee, hot chocolate, tea, warm milk, deserts, and much more. Wow! Like so many food items.

Apart from its taste, this amazing spice is rich in nutrients like Sodium, Potassium, Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Retinol, Lycopene, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Choline, Fatty acids, Amino acids and much more.


As nutmeg contains a lot of nutrients that can prove to be a boon for the human body, it can help in dealing with serious health-related issues such as cancers and heart and neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, arthritis, digestion-related issues, erectile dysfunction, muscle pain, joint pain, and sores, diarrhea, anxiety, depression and much more.


As nutmeg has a lot of qualities that can benefit the human body in many ways, one should consume it daily by introducing it into the regular diet. Here are the four elaborated benefits that you need to know:

Helps in increasing the libido

Enhanced libido

We all know that the key to a happy and successful marriage is satisfaction. Be it satisfaction in expectations or the bedroom. Low sex appeal can cause the loss of spark in the relationship. As a result, a couple may get bored of each other. Apart from satisfaction, several disorders like erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire or interest in sex, and more can lead to problems in conceiving. Nutmeg can prove to be the perfect remedy for spicing up your love life and welcoming good satisfactory days and even a munchkin into your life.

Being a wonderful aphrodisiac, nutmeg helps in increasing the level of testosterone in men, which helps in maintaining a firm erection, and estrogen and progestogen, which helps in terminating vaginal dryness and increasing the libido and progestogen in women, hormones that influence sexual functions. Also, in case you feel pain while having intercourse, consuming nutmeg can help in relieving soreness and pain during sexual intercourse.

Helps in treating disrupted sleep pattern


A sleepy individual is good for nothing rather than dreaming. Lack of sleep has been the major reason behind accidents, lack of attention, Killing Sex Drive, lowering the immune system, lack of attention towards important sleep, mental disorders, eye-related issues, and whatnot. It is very important to have a proper sleep cycle. A person should take at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you are facing difficulty in falling asleep, higher are the chances you have insomnia. Nutmeg can help in providing you with good and sound sleep. Having helpful nutrients like magnesium and sedative properties, nutmeg helps in relaxing the neurotransmitters, which allow the mind to rest. One should have warm milk with a little bit of nutmeg powder mixed in it before sleeping in order to have uninterrupted and sound sleep.

Helps in curing mental disorders

Mental Disorder

Almost every person suffers from some sort of mental disorder. Be it anxiety or anything. These mental disorders become a hurdle in the smooth run of life and prevent an individual from carrying out day-to-day functions easily. Mental disorders to an extreme degree, can even lead to suicidal thoughts (though one should seek help and never do suicide). As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Having food items that have proved to be mood lifters can be a golden step towards preventing mental disorders. Nutmeg has proven to be a perfect natural remedy and natural mood booster. Being an aphrodisiac, it helps in stimulating the nerve cells in the brain, boosting serotonin, and releasing feel-good hormones in the body, which help in inducing feelings of joy and positivity, which eventually help in fighting against depression against several mental disorders.

Helps in providing a clear skin

Clear skin

Who does not want radiant skin that can leave everyone in awe? And in order to accomplish this clean, gorgeous, and healthy skin, we use a lot of chemical-based products, and we often forget the importance of pure medicines provided by mother earth. Nutmeg is one of those natural medicines which can help an individual to get amazing skin that too without causing harm to the skin or having side effects like chemical-based products. Nutmeg has anti-inflammation properties and anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, and much more help in terminating swelling and rashes in the skin caused by infection caused by bacteria, curing acne, blemishes, dark spots, and helps in the regeneration of skin cells, eventually keeping the skin healthy and glowing.

Mentioned above are the four elaborated benefits of nutmeg. While nutmeg is loaded with benefits, remember, it is always advised to seek professional help before adding anything to your diet.