4 Best mascara tips to ace your lash game

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Do you love doing eye makeup? So does many ladies around the world. Eye makeup looks nothing less than an art, isn’t it? While many of us are well-versed with the basics of foundation and other makeup essentials related to the skin, we often end up ignoring the basic elements of eye makeup. One such element that we will be discussing today is mascara. Be it a good day or bad day for you at the office or college, what comes in handy is your mascara!


Mascara is the magical want that adds the perfect drama to every eye makeup look. Most of us may already have a well-established routine of applying eye makeup. However, we have got some pro tips for you so that you pick up the right mascara and apply it in the right quantity. 

Mascara tips that will come in handy

Here are some basic mascara tips to ace your lash game like no other!

  • Acing the curling game

Curling your lashes in the right way is one of the essential steps of applying mascara. A few ladies often side-line the significance of curling their lashes when they are busy or in a hurry to go somewhere. You must hold to your lashes for at least 10-12 seconds to get those perfectly curled long beauties. Another pro tip is to heat up the curler a bit for better results.

  • Prepping your lashes

Ever heard of mascara primers? You will easily get them in the market. They will help you keep your mascara game on point whenever you plan to visit a special occasion. Just like a normal primer, it helps in preparing the eyelashes before you apply mascara on them. These voluminous lashes will also give you a sassy, dramatic look!

  • Moving the wand

Try not to move your wand too much or in a zigzag manner. Otherwise, there is nothing that can stop your lashes from becoming dreadful! Instead, you should try adjusting the wand towards its root and pull it straight through the lashes for better results. Not only does it make the lashes look full but also separates them to make your look even more amazing.

  • Picking the right mascara

Not all mascaras are meant for you. So, you must pick a product that suits your eye shape and needs. You can choose a smaller wand if you have smaller eyes or vice versa. Choosing the correct wand will help you apply the mascara properly and get voluminous lashes.

Mascara Tips

You will find multiple mascaras available in the cosmetic market. Make sure to verify and check each of them before you prepare to buy the one that suits your eye makeup needs. Acing the eye look is a significant part of the glam-up process. So, make sure you do not screw it up and instead notch up the lash game with the perfect mascara in hand.