4 Movies and shows to watch on Netflix this weekend

What to watch on Netflix this weekend
Credit: Netflix

It’s a Happy-Halloween time! This means that, for once, we need to embrace the darkness that lies within and without. And one of the ways you can do so if you’re tired of dressing up for the Halloween party is by watching all the movies and shows that can scare the hell out of you. And what better place to watch such movies and shows other than our own Netflix? 

This Halloween month, Netflix has a lot of stuff for you, scary as well as engaging, morbid as well as interesting. From The School for Good and Evil to Luckiest Girl Alive, Netflix has got your back covered. Below mentioned are the four best movies and shows you can watch this weekend. 

4 movies and shows to watch on Netflix this weekend

Luckiest Girl Alive

What to watch on Netflix this weekend

Released on October 7, Luckiest Girl Alive stars Mila Kunis and is touted to be one of the most intense Netflix Original mystery thriller films. According to Decider, “Luckiest Girl Alive revolves around sharp-tongued New Yorker Ani Fanelli (Kunis), who appears to lead the perfect life as an accomplished writer for a popular magazine, all whilst sporting an enviable wardrobe and getting ready for her upcoming dream wedding in Nantucket. But when the director of a true-crime documentary contacts Ani to get her side of a harrowing event that occurred while she was a student at the prestigious Brentley School, Ani’s dream life begins to unravel into an absolute nightmare as she is forced to revisit the past trauma she’d worked so hard to divorce herself from.”

The School for Good and Evil

What to watch on Netflix this weekend

Directed by Paul Feig, The School for Good and Evil is a fantasy film based on the 2013 titular novel by Soman Chainani. This Netflix Original revolves around a group of best friends, who are basically misfits, called Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie), who find themselves kidnapped by the titular educational institution that is responsible for training heroes and villains to maintain the balance between Good and Evil. Now, here’s the catch. This is not only a story of good and evil; but also a story of friendship and how powerful it has to be in tumultuous times. 

Derry Girls Season 3

What to watch on Netflix this weekend

A Netflix original teen sitcom, the third and final season of Derry Girls, hit the Netflix library on October 7. Inspired by the creator, Lisa McGee’s own experiences while growing up during the Troubles conflict in 1990s Derry, Northern Island, the Netflix original follows the life of Erin Quinn (Saoirse-Monica Jackson), a highschooler and her friend group. The new season will reportedly cover the watershed moment in the history of Northern Island, paralleling the group’s entry into adulthood and the plethora of changes it will herald.

The Watcher

What to watch on Netflix this weekend

If you are a true crime sucker, then this one’s for you. Based on a  true American horror story, The Watcher recounts “how a New Jersey family was terrorized by ominous letters from an anonymous stalker.” (Tom’s Guide) 

The roles of the protagonist, Dean and Nora Brannock, are reprised by Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts. When they move into their dream home in the suburban region of Jersey, they are not warmly welcomed by their icy neighbors. Not long after, they receive ominous notes from “The Watcher” who is inclined towards sacrificing “Young blood”.