4 Quirky wedding entrance ideas for brides-to-be

Wedding entrance ideas
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Weddings never go unplanned, isn’t it? You go with weeks and months of imaginary blueprints with the family members, friends, and of course, wedding planners to have the best wedding of your life. Everybody wants their dream wedding to have all the perfect elements. Right from a luxurious stage, stunning clothes, and excellent food to an expert photographer, we make sure that nothing goes wrong on our D-day. Another important element that plays a major role in wedding festivities is the entrance of the bride.

Wedding entrance ideas

When you are the bride, there is no one stopping you from making a grand entrance. But what if we made that a bit quirkier? There are so many ways in which you can arrive at your wedding in style. If you want to know how we recommend you dig in and get to know some of the quirkiest wedding ideas. So, are you ready to woo the audience yet?

  1. A glitzy grand entrance

The best way to make a surprising entry is by adding some glitz and glam to your background. A glam background can not only act as a wedding décor but also may way for you to make the quirkiest entry ever. If not, try entering through a shimmering curtain and be the showstopper you always wanted to be at your wedding. Moreover, your entrance can be further highlighted through the use of a spotlight.

  1. What about a flash mob!

Flash mobs never go out of fashion. So, why not incorporate one in your wedding? You can have a pretty flash mob dance before making your grand entry or before hearing the speeches of your bridesmaids. It will act as a surprise not only for your family members but also for the dulhe raja (groom) who would be eagerly waiting for you on the stage. You can simply make an entry by dancing along with them and get the others to groove to the tunes eventually.

  1. Enter with professional dancers

If not a flash mob, a group of professional dancers can also help you make the perfect entrance ahead of your wedding. You can hire live entertainment for your wedding day and join them for adding an extra element to the event. Having professional dancers perform at your wedding is another way for making a quirky entrance at the event.

  1. Alternate mode of transportation

You must consider using an alternate mode of transportation to enter the stage and make the heads turn like no other! Be it a simple bicycle, bike, a horse-drawn carriage, or a vintage car, there is no one stopping the bride from making her stunning and quirky entry this way! Make sure the dancers follow your way and cheer you up as you make your way toward the stage.

Wedding entrance ideas

So, which of the above ways are you choosing to make a quirky entrance at your wedding? Lastly, dress up like you always wanted to be and get set to leave everyone stunned with your grand entry on D-day.