4 Risks of skipping a meal

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We all have experienced the feeling of being entirely immersed in responding to and sending emails and attending back-to-back meetings at the workplace that we skip the lunch break. Also, someday when we are so occupied with some important issues, or when we are angry or have a bad mood and just want to skip our meal no matter if we are hungry at that particular moment.

Because of your hectic schedule, you could occasionally forget when your last meal or snack was. Intermittent fasting and skipping meals are two entirely distinct practices. Fasting to control urges and practice mindful eating is different from not eating at an accurate time because you’re too busy to eat.

In general, skipping meals has detrimental effects on your body. Eat three balanced meals per day and a nutritious snack between meals if you want to keep your body running smoothly. It’s time to eat when you start to feel a tiny rumble in your stomach. Skipping your meal can put you at numerous health risks, as mentioned below; let’s find out.

Your body feels immense lethargic

ALONE TIMESkip on to a meal, and you can really feel your head spinning throughout the day. You end up weak, lightheaded, and even like you’re going to faint. The decrease in blood glucose is to blame for this. When we don’t feed our brains, the body may get the message that it’s time to conserve energy. Even while intermittent fasting, you must ensure that you do so correctly on a set schedule and that when you do eat, you eat foods that will keep you full for the duration of the fasting intervals.

Skipping a one-time meal makes you an overeater

skip meal 2People who miss meals sometimes overeat at their next meal because they are extremely hungry and don’t have control over their appetite. Overeating never gives proper nutrition or positive benefit to our bodies.  It often leads to weight gain and similar health issues.

You will be less productive

headacheA good and timely eating habit makes you feel content, and you are always active, whereas skipping meals and being hungry often leads to a bad mood and you become grumpy.  Even small work will feel like a mountain when your stomach is empty, and you will end up making mistakes in order to finish it quickly. So, it is always better to halt your work for a few minutes and complete your meal to get back to your work with full energy and enthusiasm.  Also, when you routinely miss meals, your blood sugar levels plummet. This has a significant impact on how you feel. If you’ve ever experienced hunger, you can relate. Because glucose is our brains’ primary fuel source, being low on it can make us feel very miserable.

Severe headache

headache 2When you skip a meal or don’t eat for a long time, there is a gas formation that causes headaches. Also, it leads to a feeling of fullness inside the stomach due to gas. In this case, you shouldn’t skip another meal; you should eat anything to overcome the problem.