4 Side effects of drinking clove water on an empty stomach

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Clove is an herb found in almost every household’s kitchen. People use its dried flower buds, stems, leaves, and oils for medicinal purposes. During our childhood, when we had those common toothaches, our elders suggested putting a piece of clove in our gums to get relief, and to our surprise, it worked.

Apart from this, it works for various daily problems like an upset stomach, bad breath, hernias, and diarrhea. All these can be treated with clove before we pop in some medicine. For gastrointestinal gas, nausea, and vomiting, clove and clove oil are utilized. Additionally, it is used to treat discomfort and inflammation in the mouth and throat.

If we talk about the taste, it is super refreshing, and that’s the reason it is included in the ingredient of almost every toothpaste. It also serves as an important ingredient in various dishes, including the main course and desserts, to enhance the flavor and aroma. Putting a few strands of cloves in your daily tea also gives immense relief to the throat and ignites our taste buds.

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As people already know about the numerous health benefits of cloves so it has become part of several health regimes, and clove water is one of them. Many health and fitness blogs mention the benefits of drinking clove water on a regular basis for better health. But you also need to know that certain side effects are linked to drinking clove water, especially on an empty stomach. Let’s find out.

Possess severe health issue

Cloves possess potent qualities. However, if ingested in excess, they might have negative consequences just like any other component. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the clove dosage ranges that are considered safe. So, when you are drinking clove water first thing in the morning, make sure you are not putting excess cloves in your water, or it may negatively impact your health.

Might lower blood pressure

blood pressureUsing cloves alone or clove water can reduce blood sugar. In a study, it was discovered that clove has long-lasting antihyperglycemic activity. This is encouraging, especially for those who have diabetes. However, there is a chance that the clove water could drastically drop your blood sugar levels, especially if you are using diabetes medication. In this case, drinking it on an empty stomach might cause an issue, so it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before including clove water in your daily morning routine.

Might interact with some blood-thinning medicines

Drinking clove water could also make bleeding more likely by interfering with some blood thinners’ medicines.

Can create allergy

skin itchingCloves contain eugenol, which can trigger allergies. Contact dermatitis is brought on by the compound’s direct reaction with body proteins. It may also irritate a specific area of the body. Cloves’ eugenol content has the potential to cause irritation in the oral cavity. When consumed in excess, clove water can cause warm and painful tongue sensations in people, which will remain there for the rest of the day.