4 Side effects of drinking too much cranberry juice

Cranberry juice
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Considered a “super food” by doctors having a sweet, sour edge and a mildly bitter aftertaste, cranberry juice is loved by people worldwide. In case you are a health freak or you are planning to shed some extra kilos, you might consume cranberry juice on a daily basis. Cranberry is famous for its health benefits. Having umpteen amounts of nutrients such as Phytonutrients, Iron, Fibre, Calcium, Cobalamin, Magnesium, Antioxidants, Natural Sugar, vitamins A, B, C-6, K, D, and very low amounts of sugar. Cranberry juice helps in curing several diseases like heart disease, cancer, kidney stones, respiratory disorders, tract infection, gum disease, dental plaque, diabetes, stomach problems, and more.

Cranberry juice

But what we do not know is even though Cranberry juice has a lot of amazing qualities that can benefit the human body in many ways. It can cause harm as well. If you are an individual who is taking medicines like Cyclosporine, Flurbiprofen, Diclofenac, Amoxicillin, Cefaclor, Midazolam, Tizanidine, then it is advised to avoid Cranberry juice as it reacts with these medicines. Apart from this, cranberry juice can cause Kidney stones, mild stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. Also, overconsumption of Cranberry juice during pregnancy can cause harm.

Cranberry juice

As cranberry juice has a lot of side effects that can cause harm to the human body. One should consume cranberry juice within limits. It is advised to keep cranberry juice consumption less than 1 liter per day. Here are the 4 elaborated Side effects of having cranberry juice that you need to know:

It causes kidney stones

Cranberry juice

When minerals and acid salts stick together in concentrated urine and form hard deposits, they form kidney stones. Kidney stones cause severe pain and nausea to an individual, due to which it becomes difficult for an individual to carry on daily activities. As a result, we should consume food items that help in managing and curing kidney stones. Overconsumption of cranberry juice can increase the risk of development of kidney stones as cranberry juice has a moderately high concentration of a chemical called oxalate which is a common component of kidney stones. So, in order to terminate the formation of painful kidney stones, one should avoid overconsumption of cranberry juice and consume less than 1 liter of cranberry juice per day.

It reacts with several drugs


An individual takes drugs to cure a disease. But what we do not know is the consumption of drugs comes along with many restrictions. As several drugs can react with the food items, we consume. So, we should be very careful while consuming several food items while taking medicines to avoid unwanted harm.  Cranberry juice is known to react with blood thinners, for example, warfarin, etc., cholesterol medicines such as Atorvastatin, and much more. By reacting with blood thinners, cranberry juice can increase the chances of bruising and bleeding. Also, Cranberry juice can slow down how quickly the body breaks down atorvastatin. By decreasing how quickly the liver break downs these medicines, overconsumption of Cranberry juice can cause harm to an individual. So, if you are consuming blood thinners, cholesterol medicines, etc., it is advised to avoid the consumption of cranberry juice.

It can cause allergies


Even though cranberry juice has an amazing taste and lots of benefits that can bless the human body, cranberry juice can cause allergies to many people, such as food allergies, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, skin allergies, and much more. If you are allergenic towards Vaccinium species of berries, which includes cranberries, it is advised to avoid cranberries. Also, cranberries contain acid similar to aspirin, known as salicylic acid. In case you are allergic to aspirin, it is advised to avoid consuming cranberry juice at all costs.

It can cause diabetes

blood sugar

Diabetes occurs when sugar builds up in the bloodstream, and the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin. There are two types of diabetes which include type 1 and type 2. Both types of diabetes can be caused by a combination of genetics and lifestyle factors. Diabetes, if not controlled or cured, can further cause deadly harm, such as heart and blood vessel disease, Nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, foot damage, skin and mouth conditions, hearing impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more.

As a result, we should consume food items that help in controlling or curing Diabetes. Having a wonderful taste, cranberry juice is enjoyed by people worldwide. But if you are someone who is suffering from diabetes, It is advised to avoid cranberry juice as it has a high amount of sugar content in it, especially if it’s repacked, which can cause a blood sugar spike and cause diabetes or worsen the symptoms of diabetes. So, in order to keep diabetes at bay, one should consume cranberry juice in a limited or prescribed amount.

Mentioned above are the 4 elaborated side effects of consuming Cranberry juice. But it is always advised to keep professional advice before adding or removing anything from your diet as side effects may vary from person to person.