Know these side effects of drinking excessive wine

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Wine is a daily necessity for many; for some, it’s just an occasional beverage we have at parties, on dates, on our long flights, or on those lonely nights. Although you might not immediately feel the effects of alcohol on your body, they begin as soon as you take the first gulp of it.

Drinking can induce relaxation and promote a pleasant social environment; many people find it delightful. Another way individuals use wine to relax after a hard day is because it can help them feel sleepy. If you drink wine, you’ve experienced some of the effects of alcohol, from the warm rush that starts to wear off swiftly to the unpleasant wine headache or the hangover that appears the next day.

You might not be concerned about them because they don’t last long, especially if you don’t drink frequently. Many individuals believe that drinking a beer or a glass of wine once in a while at mealtimes or on special occasions is not particularly harmful. But consuming alcohol at any level has the potential to have negative effects on your health.

wine 4Wines have numerous health advantages, but you can only have them by not crossing the line into excessive consumption. The short-term and most common problems after drinking excessive wine are hangovers, blurred vision, and unconsciousness, where you might feel odd even the next morning if you indulged in wine the previous evening. Exhaustion, nausea, bodily aches, and lack of sleep are all signs of a hangover. Regular hangovers might have an impact on your relationships and professional performance as well. Moreover, there are some long-term impacts of drinking excess wine, which are listed below.

Increases risk of depression

wine 2It is well known that excessive drinking regularly can increase a person’s risk of depression, regardless of the type of alcohol consumed, be it wine, beer, or liquor. Contrarily, the consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol greatly reduces the risk of depression. Red wine has a lot of antioxidants, so you might want to have one small glass of it at night. However, try not to drink more than one glass per night as it will only lead you to feel low.

Weight gain

As long as red wine is sipped in moderation, there is no harm done. But once you start consuming it without a count, then be ready for weight gain, as calories start to add up each week if you’re consuming several glasses of wine. Excessive wine also equals excessive calories. Even two glasses a night add sufficient calories, causing you to gain extra kilos.

Can result in fatal incidents

wine 5Again, excessive alcohol consumption can increase your risk of dying young. Heart attacks and other heart ailments are more prone to people who have no control over their drinking habits. This danger is present whether you drink wine or another form of alcoholic beverage.

Brain damage

Long-term memory loss can occur if alcohol, including wine, is used excessively. Alcohol abuse over a long period, or binge drinking over many years, can harm the brain. It affects one’s memory and capacity to make decisions and impacts daily activities.