4 Side effects of drinking soft drinks

Soft drinks
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Soft drinks are a safe corner for people that do not consume alcohol. Apart from that, soft drinks are considered refreshing as well as something that fits perfectly with any snack. Who does not like to consume a soft drink with pizza, after all? Other than that, soft drinks, when chosen and consumed wisely, won’t do much harm to the human body.

Soft drinks

But what we do not know is that consuming too many soft drinks can cause harm to the human body as well. As soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar, artificial sweetener, and food coloring which can lead to several diseases such as diabetes, increased risk of heart disease, weakening of bone, cancer, obesity, and much more. In order to stay away from these diseases, one should consume soft drinks within limits. It is advised not to consume more than one can of soda a week.

Soft drinks

In case you are fond of soft drinks and consume them daily, here are 4 side effects of consuming soft drinks that you need to know:

It leads to tooth decay

Tooth decay

Teeth play a major role in the human body. The digestion process would not be possible if we would not have teeth, as teeth help in breaking down food into small pieces. Also, without teeth, we would look good, and we would not be able to speak as teeth help us make different facial expressions, and form words. Apart from that, teeth play a lot of important roles in the human body, without which other important processes would not take place. Having too many soft drinks can lead to tooth decay as it contains a large amount of sugar and chemicals. And our mouth contains bacteria that feed on sugar and produces chemicals that erode teeth enamel. Having too much sugar can lead to breakdown of hard teeth enamel which can lead to cavities. In order to take good care of teeth, it is advised to consume soft drinks within a limit.

It can cause headache


Headaches are emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing.  Headaches can cause disruptions in the normal functioning of day-to-day life. There are many causes of headaches which include emotional distress, stress, medication, infections, consuming too much alcohol, mainly red wine, consuming certain food items, especially processed meats that contain nitrates, and much more. Also, there are many types of headaches which include Secondary headaches, which are not harmful. On the other hand, spinal headaches, thunderclap headaches, etc, are dangerous and can be life-threatening. As headaches are so dangerous. We should consume food items that do not trigger headaches. Consuming soft drinks in access can lead to headaches as it is high in caffeine and contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame which may trigger migraines and headaches. So, in order to stay away from headaches, one should not consume more than one can of soda a week.

It can lead to decreased bone density

Bone density

Bones play an important role in the human body by providing shape and supporting our body. Also, bones protect organs. As bones play such an important role, a decrease in bone density can lead to the weakening of bones which will further lead to Osteoporosis. Also, women start to lose bone density around the age of 35 years. So, in order to protect bones from deteriorating, one should consume food items that promote bone density. Having lots of soft drinks can harm bones. Soft drinks contain caffeine and phosphoric acid, which cause mineral deficiency as these acids imbalance the calcium/phosphorus ratio and acid-base in the body, which eventually leads to a loss in bone density. In order to have strong and healthy bones, one should have soft drinks within limits.

It can affect heart health

Heart health

The heart is the most important organ in the human body as it plays the most important function in the human body which includes pumping blood around the body, without which other important functions do not take place. As the heart plays such important functions, we should consume food items that promote heart health. Consuming too many soft drinks can affect heart health as they contain large amounts of sugar, which impacts insulin resistance and lead to increased inflammation, eventually causing plaque buildup in the arteries and causing several heart-related diseases. In order to take good care of the heart, one should consume soft drinks within a limit.

Mentioned above are the 4 elaborated side effects of having soft drinks in excess. Apart from that, consuming soft drinks in excess leads to increased obesity, poor nutrition, heartburn, type 2 diabetes, and much more. But side effects may vary from person to person. So, it is advised to seek professional advice before adding or removing anything from your diet.