4 Simple tricks to check if an egg has gone bad

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Credits: Pexels

Most foods will give you a clear indication when they are past their prime with a particular fragrance or appearance. What about eggs, though? It’s difficult to know anything about by simply looking at it or smelling it, and that too because of its hard shell, which hides the inner part. So, what is the correct way to identify rotten eggs? Should you discard them if in doubt? Or simply eat it if you are unaware of how to check it? Well, to your rescue, here are a few methods to determine whether your eggs are still good to eat.

Before we discuss the right method to check the quality of your eggs, you must also know about tips to store your eggs for longevity. Eggs can last for a maximum of 4-5 weeks from the day of packaging if they have been properly stored. For storing purposes, make sure that it has been put in the cartons like brought from the market, and keep it in the refrigerator. However, if you’re ever unsure whether to utilize your eggs or throw them, run one of the following tests.

Crack the eggs

egg 4Opening your eggs is the most accurate technique to determine whether they are rotten. The egg is bad if either the yolk or the white is discolored in any way. The yolk should be brilliant yellow or orange and spherical rather than flat. There should also be no unnatural colors or scents. Bacterial growth is indicated by discoloration. Your eggs are bad if they appear fine but smell foul or sulfurous. Composter them. You could be at risk for a foodborne illness like salmonella in the uncommon case if you end up eating rotten eggs. You can experience fever, stomach ache, diarrhea, and vomiting as a result of food poisoning too. Most people’s signs and symptoms disappear soon, and just sometimes, just eating one rotten egg doesn’t cause any serious issues.

Shake test

egg 2To check whether the eggs have become rotten, you can also shake them and make them out. Shake an egg while holding it near your ear. Many people believe your egg is fine if you hear nothing. It indicates that the yolk and/or white have degraded, becoming old and watery if you hear the liquid sloshing about.

Float test

It might be best to perform a float test. Because eggshells are permeable, and air may easily pass through them. The egg is old if the air is inside, which will let it float. Fill a bowl or cup with water to perform a float test. Check to see if your egg floats or sinks by carefully placing it inside. You must probably throw it away if it floats, and if it sinks, it’s all fine.

Check the packaging date

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The packing date is the most trustworthy date on your egg carton, so you must check it before buying eggs. The sell-by date is a technique used by retailers to determine how much time it can be kept on your shelf, and the expiration date is a basic indicator regarding how fresh your eggs are. Both won’t provide you with a specific age estimate for your eggs.