4 Things to watch out for if you are in a relationship with a Gemini

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Gemini is a fluctuating air sign and the third sign in the zodiac. Mercury rules Geminis, and people with this sign are witty, quick, and keen. Based on their feelings and energy, they can easily fit into various groups. As a result, they are also known as the zodiac chameleon. Born between May 20 to June 21, Geminis are often outgoing, chatty, and wacky, but they can also be unsure of themselves or overly curious.

Some Geminis enjoy the spotlight, while others enjoy gossip. They tend to be enthusiastic yet laid-back individuals. One thing is for sure if you are in a relationship with a Gemini, there is zero percent chance of you getting bored.

Geminis, a flexible sign, may flourish in a variety of settings. They can communicate well with many people using a wide variety of words. Geminis are adept at diplomacy while also being entertaining. Gemini prefers to view situations from a variety of angles in order to develop a thorough knowledge of what is going on because of their dual nature.

desperate for love 1Geminis are the best ones to fall in love with. True, Geminis like to have alternatives open, but once they find their Mr./Miss perfect, they will be with them for eternity. One thing you can make sure that Geminis are best at not keeping their word. So don’t rely on their promises. Geminis are always on the lookout for a discussion partner who can maintain a fascinating intellectual talk. Gemini seeks a partner for themselves with whom they can have all the fun in their lives and also work hard together to lead a desirable life. The best part about Gemini lover is you won’t have to struggle hard to know some secret about them, as they are very open by heart and pours out everything they have inside.

So, before you start dating a Gemini, here are 4 things that you must know.

Not too romantic

loverGeminis cannot hide their emotions. You will get to know how their mood is just by looking at their face. What they feel straight away reflects on their face. But when it comes to showing their romantic side, they are the least once. However, Geminis do expect their partners to be over-romantic and pampering. They love to be treated special every day.  You may also say that they are a little shy to show their romantic side. But don’t doubt their love, as they will not leave any stone unturned to shower all the love they have in their heart.

Gets jealous quickly

lover 3If you are in a relationship with a Gemini, make sure you are giving them all the importance and attention. They get jealous really quickly. Geminis get along with your close ones, which include friends and family, and really make a good bond with their charming personality and excellent communication skills. But only one thing which you must make sure of is not to get your hands and eyes off them. Always make them feel like a VIP.

A manipulator

6 signs you want a break from your relationship 2Geminis have a really strong convincing power. They can manipulate even the strongest mind. When complimenting someone, a Gemini will also murmur their genuine sentiments behind their back. Typically, they are pessimistic, judgmental, and critical of others.

A bad decision maker

tips new relationshipNever leave a crucial decision to a Gemini partner, as you might never get an accurate answer. Geminis are intelligent and smart, yet occasionally they can be overly analytical. They will struggle with this decision for hours. Because they are constantly torn between two options, they are unable to make the best choice in the allotted amount of time. So, it’s better to make dinner or lunch planning yourself rather than depending on your Gemini partner for an answer.