4 Tips to overcome insecurities in a relationship

4 Tips to overcome insecurities in a relationship 2
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Insecurities can be a real dealbreaker in a relationship, especially if they are being given to you by your partner by direct or indirect means. If your partner does not help you become more confident about yourself, well folks it’s a major point for pulling the plug.

But insecurities are mostly because of our personal experiences, what we’ve been taught by society or been through even before our partner came along. These insecurities are fed by overthinking and society convincing you you’re not good enough for them and they could have found someone better looking, richer, skinnier, taller, shorter, introverted, or extroverted (better) making you overthink and end up creating problems that were not originally there.

So here are some things you should keep in mind to overcome these relationship insecurities.

1. Self-love

4 Tips to overcome insecurities in a relationship
If you are not comfortable in your own skin, there is no way you can be happy in a relationship. Every compliment they”ll give you will make you doubt them. Every criticism of your surroundings will be misunderstood as an indirect comment to you. If You don’t believe in yourself no man or woman can hype you because of the distrust you have in yourself, and sabotage potential serious relationships.

2. Trust

Trust is the base of any relationship and you have to trust that whatever your partner is telling you, like compliments, etc is true and should try not to read into it too much and make it into something it is not.

3. Communicate

4 Tips to overcome insecurities in a relationship 1
Always tell your partner how something that they did made you feel. You went on a little date with them and you have a really good time, make sure to tell them, a simple text will suffice to tell them you had a great time today, they make you happy, and most importantly if something they said upset you, even if it was said as a joke.

It is very important to communicate if something made you feel upset because even if you’re in a beautiful, non-toxic relationship, we’re all humans and can unintentionally trigger something in the other person. So make sure you tell them if something made you uncomfortable, hurt you, or did not make you feel good about yourself and ask them to do the same. Trust us if your partner really cares about you and you’re feeling and respect you they will never get offended but stand up for you if somebody else says the same next time.

4. Appreciation

4 Tips to overcome insecurities in a relationship 3
Little words of affirmation, “I’m so proud of you”, “You gave your best”, “You look pretty today”, make you feel so good so always do the same for your partner. Complimenting them often, especially for little things, achievements, or daily stuff can really boost confidence and the feeling of being wanted, that they are appreciated and loved there. Insecurities are at both ends and you have to play your part to hype your partner and help them feel comfortable with you.

In conclusion, every relationship will have its insecurities, so try to decrease/them by bringing them up instead of hiding and locking them up, which will only make them worse and you never know if the thing you’re insecure about may be the thing that attracted them to you in the first place.