4-year-old boy mauled to death by neighbor’s pit bull while playing in backyard

Detroit PitBull attack
Credits: CBS Detroit/ Screengrab

A tragic incident involving the fatal attack of a four-year-old boy by a pit bull has deeply saddened and shocked many. It is important to note that pit bull attacks are unfortunately common in the USA. Lovell Anderson was playing in his grandmother’s backyard when he got fatally mauled by “one or two” dogs, according to Detroit police.

The child was identified by WXYZ-TV and Fox 2 Detroit. The attack took place on Wednesday sometime before 3 p.m. in the 9300 block of Pierson on Detroit’s northwest side, officer Dan Donkowski said in a statement to NBC News.

Pit bulls taken into custody after 4-year-old killed in dog mauling in Detroit

The dogs are believed to be pit bulls

“We’re not sure if it’s one or two dogs, but Animal Control has two dogs in custody,” Donkowski said. “It’s believed that the dogs belonged to a neighbour behind where the victim lived, but as far as how it happened, we’re unsure at this time.” The dogs are suspected to be pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

How did the dog attack the child?

While speaking to Fox 2 Detroit, Anderson’s aunt gave a brief account of the tragic incident. She explained that the child was dragged through a gap in the fence separating the backyard by the dogs, leading to the other side of the fence.

At the time of the incident, Anderson was under his grandmother’s care while his parents were not home, reported WXYZ-TV. A dog owned by the boy’s grandmother is also in custody. However, that animal was not involved in the brutal killing.

Anderson was ‘full of life’

During an interview with WXYZ-TV, Anderson’s aunt Monique Grant remembered him as “just full of life,” while his other aunt Maple Blackshear called him a “gentleman,” who was “helpful” and “sweet.”

In a chat with Fox 2 Detroit, one of Anderson’s aunts spoke of her sister’s condition upon hearing the tragic news. “My sister is truly distraught right now, at this moment,” she said. “This is a very sad situation. As we know in Detroit, pit bulls [are] a big problem when you don’t have them trained properly, or tied up, or put in a gate – secured properly.”