4 Zodiac signs who are extremely selfish

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Whether you like it or not, you must have come across a selfish person, at least, once in your life. Such people tend to keep themselves and their needs above all. For them, it’s either their benefit or their happiness even if it comes at the cost of other people’s sorrow. Their selfishness takes another level when they don’t empathize even with the needy.

While you get annoyed by such people and think about what makes them so selfish, they might not be the ones to blame completely. Blame it on their zodiac sign.

Here are the four zodiac signs who are extremely selfish, as per astrology.


zodiac signs

Virgos top the list of being the most selfish zodiac sign. Virgos don’t care about anything but them. They keep their needs above all and won’t hesitate to hurt you for their own benefit. If you work with a Virgo, you might even have to face disparity because they would steal the credit easily. While most Virgos don’t do it on purpose, it’s very common for them to show selfish traits every once in a while.


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A Scorpio knows how to use people for their own benefit. Scorpios can be the most selfish person you meet at times. If you have a Scorpio partner, you might complete of how your needs and happiness go ignored or unaddressed. Scorpios usually have a past trauma that makes them believe it’s important to be selfish to survive in this world. Scorpios often end up hurting people they love due to their selfish behavior and ignorant attitude.


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A Sagittarius is also a selfish person. They usually make friends for their own benefit and would cut off contact once they see no benefit. They are extremely particular about getting their job done even if it requires selfish means. They won’t shy from hurting people or throwing mean words at them if this helps them achieve their goals. While with a Sagittarius, it’s always advisable to keep your expectations low and brace yourself for a selfish attitude every once in a while, if not more.


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An Aries is all about themselves and their work. While, in personal life, you might not see Aries being selfish, in professional life don’t expect any less. An Aries loves success even if it’s coming at the failure of others. Aries won’t think twice before making you lose your promotion and snatching a better one from your hand. They think they are the best at work which makes them do things that they might not approve of otherwise. An Aries won’t go to any height to cater to their needs and earn some brownie points. So, beware.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.