4 Zodiac signs who are lucky in love

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We all know that one friend of ours, who always managed to propose to their crush and get a ‘yes’ for an answer. He or she is a hopeless romantic and believes in giving love multiple chances. Usually, they are the ones who always manage to have long relationships and even longer crushes.

They love with all their heart and sometimes the way destiny favors them with love makes most of us envy them and their love life. Because why not? Their love life is not only filled with abundant love but with undying romance and a spark that keeps the excitement level going.

Now, while we must scratch our heads thinking how he or she is so lucky in finding and refinding love while we, on the other hand, struggle to even open our mouth decently in front of our crush, the answer lies in their zodiac signs.

Here are the four zodiac signs who are lucky in love, as per astrology.


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Don’t tell us this shocks you. Leos are almost always lucky in love. They always get their desired partner and it’s very rare that they will get cheated on. Even if their previous relationship didn’t succeed, they will find love in no time. It’s a no-brainer that they are givers and dedicated lovers which attracts people toward them. They will make sure to treat their partner as a king or queen and make everybody else question ‘why they are not lucky in love as them’.


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A Pisces is also one of the luckiest zodiac signs when it comes to love. A Pisces will always get their love of life, even if it takes some time. Pisces don’t give up easily, be it their love or work life. And this is why, Pisces never fail in love. They will make people fall in love with them with their simplicity and people-pleasing behavior. If you have been with a Pisces in your life, you would know that a Pisces often falls very easily in love.


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Virgos, just like Pisces, are lucky beings when it comes to love. Often, their crush likes them back. Their love life is full of happiness and contentment. Virgos find their love of life without much effort. Ask a Virgo about how difficult it is to find love, and all they will say is ‘it is easy to find love but difficult to stay in love’. Virgos are faithful and fortunately, their partners are also loyal givers. It’s very rare that a Virgo would face disappointment in love.


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Scorpios are also very lucky in love. They get the best partners. While they may not be able to reciprocate the amount of love they give back, their partner would never be the one to complain. Scorpios sometimes might get a little selfish in love but their partner always understands them and help them change. A Scorpio would rarely go through heartbreak, while, at times, they might be the ones causing a heartbreak.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.