4 Zodiac signs who are total perfectionists

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The line is crooked. That’s not a perfect circle. The song doesn’t suit my Instagram story. I don’t like how the color doesn’t match the vibe of the room. We are sure most of us must have heard, at least, one of these statements from a friend or relative once in a while. And we can’t help but think why they are so particular about every minute detail and ‘who’s going to notice after all’.

While this can be an irritating personality trait in people for most of us, being a perfectionist is not a person’s fault. It comes naturally to many. And while we can’t help but get annoyed, let’s appreciate the efforts that such people put in even the smallest of things.

From hosting a small birthday party to planning an extravagant wedding, everything needs to be perfect for people who have an eye for detail. And you can quote us on this that their parties are always the best in town.

Here are the four zodiac signs who are the most perfectionist, as per astrology.


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These charmers are absolute perfectionists. So much so that when we see someone who is nitpicking for those small errors in things, we often ask them, ‘Are you a Leo?’. Leos want everything perfect. Under their supervision, anything less than perfect is equal to bad. For them, everything has to be done in a particular way and at a particular time. Leos will always put their best foot forward in everything they do. They never rush into things and make sure that the end result is always perfect.


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A Pisces is equally perfectionist as compared to a Leo. He or she would go to any height to get that perfect result. Be it a party or an office meeting, a Pisces would prepare well in advance so that things can be done perfectly. They always take matters into their own hands just to be able to do perfectly.


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An Aquarius is also a believer in perfection. Be it their college assignments or an office presentation, an Aquarius would often spend hours to achieve perfection even if it’s way past the deadline. Aquarius would keep analyzing things until they have found a way to make them better. It’s nearly impossible to make an Aquarius appreciate and be satisfied with a work unless it has been reattempted multiple times.


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Virgos are always in pursuit of perfection. While they may not take as much time as Aquarius to do things, they don’t settle for anything but perfection. Ask a Virgo how they want things to be done and the only answer you would get every time is ‘perfectly’. Virgos usually lead people to get things done in their way. Even if a thing is done with less perfection, you can expect a Virgo to jump in and do the job for you. However, they would not let you do away without giving them credit for their perfectionism.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.