5 Benefits of drinking fenugreek water on an empty stomach

Fenugreek water

Fenugreek is known to have multiple health benefits. From giving some excellent flavor to your food to relieving you from common ailments, fenugreek seeds work wonders. Did you know that soaked fenugreek seeds or water work wonders when you consume them on an empty stomach? Fenugreek water is something that any individual can consume easily. It not only facilitates weight loss but also benefits the liver, kidneys, and metabolism.

Because fenugreek is hot in nature, people use it in moderate quantities when cooking or preparing herbal remedies. You can use a teaspoon of fenugreek and soak them in a cup of water to incur the benefits.

However, remember to warm the water before having it on an empty stomach. Now, we will discuss the benefits associated with drinking fenugreek water on an empty stomach.

Fenugreek water
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Excellent remedy for kapha-dominated individuals

Kapha-dominated individuals have weaker immunity, and they get common issues related to cold, flu, and cough. Ayurveda describes the people of this category as having a constitution that lacks the heat (agni) element in the body. Consuming fenugreek water can help generate heat in their bodies and boost immunity.

Good for lactating mothers

Fenugreek water aids in milk production and is excellent for all lactating mothers. Fenugreek seeds prove beneficial for pregnant ladies and nursing mothers. That is why the elders prepare laddoos with these seeds to feed the new mothers for boosting their recovery. Moreover, the herb-infused water also helps in getting the uterus back to a pre-pregnancy state.

Blood sugar regulation

fenugreek water
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Fenugreek water is an excellent remedy for regulating the blood sugar levels in the human body. It also helps tackle insulin resistance and makes it more sensitive and responsive in nature. That is why most diabetics commonly consume fenugreek water.

Weight loss

As mentioned earlier, drinking fenugreek water on an empty stomach aids in weight loss. Consuming this water first thing in the morning generates heat in your body and helps in losing or managing your weight.


Fenugreek water has digestive benefits too. It acts as a great antacid. Its regular consumption helps regulate and strengthen the digestive system and check issues related to bloating and gastritis. It is the most beneficial remedy for you if you consume it during the colder months.

Fenugreek seeds are commonly found in every Indian kitchen. It is high time that you make them a part and parcel of your life and lead your way to a healthier lifestyle.